A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 24

“Mr. Ye, don’t be fooled.”
“They just want to make a fool of you.”
“You go away, or sister Wen will really call the police to catch you.”
“Moreover, even if you really want to breathe in, Mr. Ye, you are not in a hurry at this moment. Fifty years later, you will become famous, and it will not be too late to come out again? I believe those people who despise Mr. Ye will , Will be stepped on by Mr. Ye.”
Ye Fan was about to step forward, but Li Xiaohong behind him immediately grabbed Ye Fan and shook his head at him, her beautiful eyes filled with worry.
Obviously, even Li Xiaohong believed that Ye Fan’s card was forged. In his opinion, the reason why Ye Fan was so confused was just his youthful ambition and his youth and frivolousness. After all, it was just a farce.
After all, who in this world would believe that young people of college age like Ye Fan are eligible to get the black gold card of Red Flag Bank?
As for Ye Fan’s words of fame and fame fifty years later, Li Xiaohong just comforted him.
After all, in this world, getting ahead, is it so simple?
Especially for these poor students, more than ninety-nine percent of them are doomed to humble life. Ye Fan is no exception.
However, Ye Fan smiled faintly: “Fifty years?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Step on them, why do I need fifty years?”
“Now they are already under my feet!”
With a sneer, Ye Fan immediately stepped up and handed the black card in his hand to a staff member at the bank counter.
“Does this poor person really dare to go up for a test?”
“Wait to make a fool of yourself!”
“See how you end up in a while?”
Wang Kaiwen and others sneered, looking at Ye Fan as if they were an idiot.
Wang Yu was also full of contempt: “A countryman is a countryman. When his head is hot, he will do stupid things.”
For a moment, everyone was laughing, laughing at Ye Fan’s stupidity and ignorance. Everyone was waiting again, waiting to see Ye Fan’s ugly attitude come out.
Finally, as the staff took the black card and put it on the card reader for a test, after a short reading, only a sharp buzzer suddenly sounded.
In the hall, everyone trembled, and everyone was shocked.
At this time, Hongqi Bank, the conference hall on the fifth floor.
The manager Xu Lei has a refined temperament. A black OL suit perfectly outlines her beautiful figure. The high-end stockings are wrapped in slender jade legs, and the silver-white high heels make this mature intellectual woman full of temptation.
At this time, bank manager Xu Lei was holding a meeting for the bank’s senior management, but his cool and majestic temperament caused a fiery throb in the lower abdomen of many old men in the audience.
This kind of uniform temptation is hard to say to many old men present is simply torment.
It’s just a pity that this stunner doesn’t know that he will be cheaper in the future.
While these old men sighed, Xu Lei’s cell phone rang suddenly, and the rapid ringtone made Xu Lei frown.
This is the ringtone that only appears when extremely important notifications appear.
Xu Lei also ignored the meeting, so she took out her phone and took a look.
However, the next moment, Xu Lei’s pupils shrank immediately, and her whole body trembled, and her whole body was agitated.
Ten years later, the card number 001 finally appeared!
Is it excitement or tremor. Xu Lei ignored the meeting in front of her, and her exquisite high-heeled shoes hit the ground, and she ran out of the meeting hall.
“Manager, manager, where are you going?”
“The meeting can’t be held yet?”
Xu Lei stepped on high heels and left quickly, leaving behind only a group of senior bank executives, looking at each other.

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