A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2403

Although at this time, it would be disgraceful to beat someone who has no power to restrain the chicken.
But now Lin Qinghe can no longer care about face and face.
He just wants to vent his anger!
Just like that, after kicking Lu Tianhe several times, Lin Qinghe stopped.
At this time, Lu Tianhe was in a pool of blood, his body twitching slightly, he was already dying.
Han Ping’s attack just now undoubtedly caused him extremely serious injuries.
At this time, a few soldiers from Jiangbei couldn’t bear it, and ran over to ask if they would send General Lu to the doctor.
“What kind of doctor?”
“Just let him lie down here.”
“Don’t worry, Lu Tianhe has thick skin and thick flesh, so he’s not so easy to die!”
Lin Qinghe sipped coldly, and repelled these people who had come to plead with Lu Tianhe.
“Okay, okay, enough time wasted.”
“Now, Qinglong has been driven out of Jiangdong, and Lu Tianhe has been subdued. Next, the game should go on normally.”
In this way, as Lu Tianhe fell, everyone’s eyes fell on the game again.
As for Lu Tianhe, no one cared.
Just lying alone on the firm ground, recklessly.
Ye Fan naturally didn’t know what happened here.
Today, he is still making final preparations for Yundao Tianjue’s great array.
According to Ye Fan’s plan, he will officially start to build a big formation soon!
However, after several months of consideration, Ye Fan decided to add an auxiliary formation in the land of Yanjing again to shelter the Xu family!
“At that time, if the Yunzhou formation is successful, it will be able to link the three places, connecting the north and the south.”
“Yunzhou is the main city, with Jingzhou and Yanjing as the auxiliary.”
“Three defensive formations protect my relatives and friends of Ye Fan!”
“Even if I go, I really won’t return. Xiao Lei, Mucheng and the others can also have a pure land where they can settle down. In the face of danger, there is also a way to retreat.”
At the top of Yunding Mountain, Ye Fan whispered in his heart as he looked at the mansion that had begun to take shape in front of him.
With deep eyebrows, what he saw was not the size of the place in front of him, but the endless unknown future.
Perhaps it’s been so many years of crisis-ridden life that Ye Fan has long developed the habit of taking precautions.
His grievances with the Chu family will eventually end.
But before leaving, he also had to leave a way out for his relatives and friends.
Before, Ye Fan thought that as long as Mucheng was strong enough, she would not be afraid of danger.
Therefore, Ye Fan gave Qiu Mucheng a group of hundreds of billions, gave her an iron-clad Jiangdong, and also cultivated loyal “veterans” such as Li Er and Teacher Lei.
A group of hundreds of billions, a powerful man in a province, is Ye Fan’s first barrier to Qiu Mucheng.
Once, Ye Fan thought that relying on these, Qiu Mucheng and others could settle down in Jiangdong without any worries.
However, the previous catastrophe in Jiangdong awakened Ye Fan.
After experiencing that catastrophe, Ye Fan only realized that the inheritance he left to Mu Cheng might be able to stop the danger of the secular world.
However, in the face of the dangers of the martial arts world, how fragile this barrier is, it is simply vulnerable!
Otherwise, Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua would not be allowed to almost wipe out Ye Fan’s industry in Jiangdong just by relying on a master.
Even the entire Ye family almost suffered a bloodbath!
Therefore, in order to resist the threat of the martial arts powerhouse, Ye Fan had to rebuild the Yundao Tianjue formation.

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