A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2405

“Instructor Chu, yes… it’s Lin Qinghe, they deceive people too much.”
“He colluded with the Jiangbei defense zone and used despicable means to get the organizer to disqualify us from the competition.”
Li Ziyang gritted his teeth, and the words were full of anger.
Perhaps they are indeed the people who were expelled from the Jiangdong defense zone. However, there is no stipulation in the rules of the game that the expelled person shall not participate.
What’s more, they have already withdrawn from the Jiangdong defense zone. This time they participated in the competition as the Yanjing team, and they have nothing to do with the Jiangdong defense zone. This is the reason for the so-called suspension.
It’s just nonsense.
It was clearly that Lin Qinghe used the relationship to collude with the host Jiangbei defense zone and deliberately expelled them from the team.
If it really violates the regulations, everyone in Qinglong will not be able to compete, that’s all.
However, Lin Qinghe disqualified them from the competition with such a despicable method, and everyone in Qinglong couldn’t bear it!
On the top of Yunding Mountain, Li Ziyang and others confided their grievances to Ye Fan and told the ins and outs of the matter.
Ye Fan’s expression is undoubtedly getting colder.
At the end of hearing, the chill in Ye Fan’s eyebrows was almost full-bodied to the extreme.
Above the delicate face, there was a murderous intent that could not be concealed.
“Where is Lu Tianhe?”
“What about others?”
Ye Fan suppressed his anger and asked blankly.
Wang Dongsheng, who was next to him, quickly replied: “Instructor Chu, General Lu has not returned, he is still in Jiangbei.”
“is it?”
“It seems that he still knows that he has no face to come back and see me.”
Now that Qinglong is out of this stall, Lu Tianhe naturally can’t get rid of it.
At least, the impression of incompetence and weakness was branded in Ye Fan’s heart.
“Go, let me go to Jiangbei.”
“This time, I will go personally.”
“I want to see, who would dare to insult you?”
Ye Fan made a decisive decision and immediately decided to go to Jiangbei with Qinglong.
To bear the burden of humiliation is definitely not what Ye Fan did.
If you have grudges, you must be revenge.
Just like this, the Qinglong people who had just returned to Yunzhou, together with Ye Fan, drove back to Jiangbei again.
“Instructor Chu, after you go, don’t be impulsive.”
“The instructors of the major defense areas are there, and there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers stationed in the Jiangbei defense area.” On the way, Wang Dongsheng was worried, but he tried to persuade him one after another.
“So what?”
“The blue dragon was created by me, Ye Fan. How can I allow others to insult you!”
“If they know right from wrong and apologize in time to admit their mistakes, I can forgive them.”
“But if they still don’t know how to live or die, don’t blame me Ye Fan’s seven-foot green front, it’s ruthless!”
With the wheels speeding, a luxury car left Yunzhou and headed towards the land of Jiangbei, the Mercedes.
Outside, the wind was bitter.
The rustling wind shattered Ye Fan’s words!
However, the chill in Ye Fan’s words still made Wang Dongsheng and others feel terrified.
But during the time when the Qinglong people returned to Yunzhou, the Jiangbei match was in full swing.
At first, many people thought that this year’s champion team, if not unexpected, must be the Qiongqi team of the Jiangbei Military Region.
After all, the land of Jiangbei, with outstanding people, strong martial arts, and many strong men in the hot summer came from Jiangbei.
It is precisely because of this that the teams from the Jiangbei defense zone are the hottest candidates for the championship in the previous defense zone competitions.
The Qiongqi team dominated this type of competition for nearly ten years.

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