A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 242

After all, with his names, he is still very confident, and he can stand the fledgling young man in front of him.
Sure enough, after Li Er’s words fell, Ye Fan’s expression in front of him changed suddenly, and he immediately said, “Very good.”
Seeing this, Li Xueqi also raised Xuebai’s chin and hummed, “Hmph, just know that my teacher is good.”
Xing He’s mouth also showed a proud smile at this time, took a sip from the teacup, and waited for Ye Fan’s next words of compliment and worship.
“This fish tastes good. It’s not an ordinary carp, right?” Ye Fan looked at the fish in front of him, as if he hadn’t seen the expressions of the two masters and disciples Xinghe at all.
“You~” Xing He almost died of anger at the time, and his body trembled, but the tea that reached his mouth was choked out of his nostrils.
The old face was very green, if it were not for Li Erye’s face, he could not help but slap up Ye Fan, and severely teach this rude junior.
Li Xueqi was also angry, her pretty face flushed with anger.
Her teacher was so humiliated by Ye Fan one after another, of course she was angry, her eyes almost burst into flames when she looked at Ye Fan.
However, Ye Fan never even took care of them from beginning to end. The two of them had always been pretending to be forceful, so if you were to blame, you really couldn’t blame Ye Fan. First URL m.
The corners of Li Er’s mouth twitched. When facing Ye Fan, he smiled and replied: “Yes, this is the Yellow River carp, the red tail golden scales, it is the best carp. Regardless of the taste or the nutritional value, it is excellent.”
Li Er smiled happily.
“Second Lord, let’s talk about business.” Xing He interrupted Li Er with a displeased expression at this time.
Li Er nodded: “Since the master of Xinghe Pavilion has spoken, then I will speak directly.”
“Today, I, Li Er, set up a banquet mainly for the two of you to practice.”
“Tomorrow, you two will represent me Jiangdong and go to Wu Herong’s invitation to go to Mount Tai to fight!”
“At that time, the owner of Xinghe Pavilion will take the lead in the battle and consume Wu Herong’s vitality.”
“Mr. Chu came out at the finale and took the life of Wu Herong to lock the battle for me Jiangdong!”
Yes, this plan is the final strategy that Li Er, Chen Ao and others came up with after many days of deliberation.
After all, in order to spread risks, eggs must not be placed in the same basket.
Therefore, after Ye Fan, they invited Xing He, the master of Tai Chi Pavilion, to help.
Double insurance, the winning rate of tomorrow’s battle will undoubtedly be even greater.
“If you succeed in this battle, the two will become the benefactors of my Jiangdong people.”
“Come on, Mr. Chu, the owner of the criminal hall, for tomorrow’s battle, we have this cup!”
Older Li laughed and raised his wine glass, but stood up and respected Ye Fan and Xinghe.
However, to Li Er’s surprise, Xing He did not raise his glass for a long time.
“Master of Xinghe Pavilion, what are you?” Li Er asked immediately.
Xing He snorted coldly, “What did the second master just say?”
“Why is the old man taking the lead in the battle, and let a junior finale?”
“Could it be that I think Xinghe is not as good as a junior?!”
Xing He’s old face was condensed, and he slapped the table angrily, but he asked in a deep voice.
Winner and loser!
In this world, only the final victor is truly remembered.
But now, Li Er even let him take the lead in the battle, consuming Wu Herong’s physical strength and paving the way for Ye Fan’s appearance.
His dignified Tai Chi heir, the master of the martial arts hall, turned out to be a foil for a junior.
Desperately trying to make wedding dresses for others, so humiliating, how can Xinghe forbear?

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