A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2462

Citizens living in the local area clearly felt that within a few days, a large number of foreigners suddenly flooded the city.
The major hotels and hotels are full.
Even some local entertainment venues have ushered in a consumption boom.
The business of roadside restaurants and restaurants is also several times better than usual.
Of course, ordinary people can’t detect these subtle changes.
Only some people with keen perception realize that this long-paced American continent is afraid that something big will happen.
“Old Kong, there are so many strong people coming to America this time.”
“After only a while, I noticed many martial arts experts.”
“Even, the breath of some people feels unfathomable even to me.”
After arriving in America, Ye Fan and his entourage undoubtedly entered Manaus City for a brief repair.
However, along the way, they clearly felt that the number of warriors in this Manaus was a bit scary.
“That is natural.”
“Even though the primordial spirit fruit is not very useful for those who are masters or higher. However, it is undoubtedly a treasure for those who are trapped in the peak of transformation.”
“Today’s opportunity is once in 30 years, and those who have received the information naturally flock to it.”
“I dare say that the number of powerful people in this city now far exceeds our hot summer!”
Kong Ming said in a deep voice, the low voice with an invisible heaviness and majesty, giving people an inexplicable sense of stability.
“So what?”
“Lao Kong is the first person under our Yanxia Master.”
“In the face of Old Master Kong, these so-called cultivators are nothing more than local chickens and dogs, not to be afraid.”
Lu Yanxi smiled from the side, not feeling any pressure at all.
However, Kong Lao shook his head: “You are thinking too simple.”
“There is a sky outside of the sky, and there are people outside of the world. It is as strong as the god of war, dominating the hot summer for decades, but looking at the world, it can’t even rank in the top ten.”
“Even the God of War, let alone me?”
“You are still young, and you don’t know how big the outside world is.”
“You don’t know, some people, although they only have the realm of transformation, but their strength is comparable to a master.”
“You don’t even know that in this small city, there may be one or even a few unknown masters lurking.”
“Thirty years ago, my uncle was not weaker than me, but he still fell here.”
“So, don’t think that this trip to America is just a journey of fun.”
“I can tell you without exaggeration that you will face it next. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a life of nine deaths!”
“If you want to go back alive, then follow the orders and strictly follow my orders. Otherwise, no one will come to collect the corpses for you!”
When Kong Ming said this, his eyes looked in Ye Fan’s direction.
Obviously, he was speaking at Ye Fan, warning him to curb his temper.
But Ye Fan didn’t speak, he always looked careless.
“Things that do not live or die will be in danger for a while, don’t expect us to save you~”
Lu Hua also noticed Ye Fan’s dangling attitude, and his hatred for him was undoubtedly even worse.
With a cold snort, he didn’t even bother Ye Fan.
“Okay, just this restaurant.”
“Go in and eat something, and fix it all night.”
“Tomorrow, follow me into the rainforest.”
A few people walked for a while, and when they found a restaurant, Kong Ming led everyone in.

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