A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2469

“I’ll go, okay, Lei Luo.”
“Even the strong in the summer are driven away by you.”
“In the past few years, the strength of your Indian martial arts has grown stronger.”
“In the near future, I am afraid that the place where the Asian martial arts overlord will be your Indian martial arts.”
At this time, many people among the crowd sighed.
Among them, some people who knew Lei Luo were even more surprised.
Nowadays, the world of martial arts is surging, showing a pattern of superpowers!
That one super, not a certain country, but Trumen.
In the martial arts world, the most recognized martial arts power is Truman.
Back in the row are the martial arts forces of various countries.
Hot summer is a well-known ancient country, and the martial arts heritage has been profound for thousands of years.
Although the battle between Yanxia and Chumen in that year caused a nearly devastating blow to the forces of Yanxia martial arts, which led to its decline for nearly a hundred years.
However, with the emergence of the six pillar states such as Ye Qingtian and Mo Gucheng, Yanxia martial arts will undoubtedly once again dominate Asia.
However, the status of Yanxia martial arts is not solid.
Not to mention the re-emergence of the Japanese Moon God, leading to a huge increase in the strength of Japanese martial arts. In recent years, India’s martial arts power has also increased crazily. Thirty years ago, a martial artist was born.
Only, Burning Heaven! This person’s battle for fame was in the Amazon rainforest.
At that time, after a lot of snatching, Yuan Lingguo was finally snatched by the strong hot summer.
However, on the way to the evacuation, the strong Indians intercepted them halfway.
In the face of the eight peak powers of the transformation, Fen Tian tried to turn the tide and killed the four peak powers of Yanxia with one person. Even if they escaped by chance, they were seriously injured.
At this point, Burning Heaven became famous in the First Battle, not only being included in the world master list, but also helping India become the biggest winner in the last dimensional Lingguo battle.
With the Yuan Lingguo, in the past 30 years, India has successively born several masters, and the martial arts power has grown by leaps and bounds. There are no two in the international limelight, and the momentum of the martial arts in the summer is faintly suppressed.
Plus today, Kong Ming’s retreat.
It even made everyone in the hall feel that the momentum of Indian martial arts was unstoppable.
“Asian overlord?”
“Sooner or later.”
“However, the goal of our Indian martial arts is much more than that.”
Lei Luo spoke proudly, and the words were full of heroism and wildness.
Of course, this is not his ambition alone, but the ambition of their entire country!
After speaking, Lei Luo didn’t say much on this topic, but looked forward again and knelt in front of the old man, the crying pear girl with rain.
“Little girl, no one can protect you now.”
“Observe, go with brother obediently.”
“Also avoid suffering from skin and flesh.”
“Don’t worry, I will love you well tonight~”
After the hot summer powerhouse was forced back by himself, Lei Luo was undoubtedly more arrogant.
Even what he said became more revealing and made no secret of it.
“Leilo, you are such a beast.”
“Not even the little girl?”
“You are not afraid of crushing people.”
“Hey, don’t you understand this?”
“This is the Indian tradition.”
“They like to play with little ones~”
People who practice martial arts are mostly rough people.
Now that these elders gather together, they will naturally say something bad.
As for those who watched the excitement, Lei Luo ignored them.
He still stood there, admiring his own prey, looking at the sad crying girl in front of him.

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