A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2498

These people are very strong!
This was the first thought in Kong Ming’s mind.
“There are so many people on the other side. Let’s retreat for the time being and consider the long-term.”
Out of caution, Kong Ming immediately ordered to retreat and avoid these people.
However, what Kong Ming and the three did not expect was that these people really seemed to be coming at them, blocking their way, and preventing Kong Ming and the others from leaving.
“Friends, should we never know each other?”
“Why stop us?”
Kong Ming asked in a deep voice, and Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi also became nervous and raised their guard.
These mysterious people did not pay attention to Kong Ming’s words, but glanced at the three of them, and asked in a deep voice, “You, who is Lu Hua?”
“Looking for me?”
Lu Hua was taken aback for a moment, then smiled.
Apparently, he was once again convinced by his personality charm.
This is not the first wave.
Many waves of people from other countries’ martial arts I met before, after seeing them, they all came to visit him like this, and became close to themselves.
Therefore, after Lu Hua heard the other party’s words, he habitually believed that these people also came to flatter him.
With pride, Lu Hua straightened his clothes first, and then said in a lofty tone: “I am Lu Hua, you can call me Mr. Lu.”
“You should have come to meet me too.”
“However, if you also want to invite me to dinner in the future, I am afraid it will take some time.”
“The main reason is that there are too many people who want to get acquainted with me, and they all ask me to eat after this matter is over.”
“So, you guys, you can only go back in line.”
Lu Hua said with his hand held down, and in the words there was arrogance that could not be concealed.
However, as soon as his words fell, he saw several people in front of him and approached them again.
The leader also extended a hand to him.
“No need to shake hands.”
“I, I don’t like these virtual ones.”
Lu Hua thought these people were going to shake hands with him to show respect, and immediately shook his head, pretending to refuse.
After hearing what Lu Hua said, the corners of the eyes of the oncoming people twitched, looking at Lu Hua’s gaze, and looked at them like a horrible pen.
In the end, the person in the lead couldn’t stand it anymore, and his raised hand went directly to it.
“shake hands?”
“Holding you numb!”
“Isn’t this an evil pen?”
“Come here, tie him up and take him away!”
Following the order from the leader, several people in front of him immediately rushed forward, overpowering Lu Hua with lightning speed.
But Lu Hua was dumbfounded.
“You…what are you doing?”
“I am Lu Hua, you dare to attack me…”
Before Lu Hua had finished speaking, the leading man slapped him over, and his teeth were interrupted.
“You are so nonsense!”
“No more nonsense, my mouth sucks.”
“take away!:”
The leader shouted sharply.
“Let go of him!”
Only then did Lu Yanxi and Kong Ming react and immediately rescued each other.
However, how could the two of them be the opponents of the powerful Chumen.
After a brief fierce battle, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi were also subdued by each other.
“So there are accomplices?”
“Bring them all to the young master!”
In this way, Lu Hua and the others, who were still very energetic just now, were taken away by people like dogs.

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