A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 250

“Mu… Mucheng, why are you here?” Although he didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t know why. Ye Fan was always a little guilty, and he was afraid that Qiu Mucheng would misunderstand him.
“Why lie to me?”
“You are obviously in Yunzhou and you obviously haven’t returned to your hometown. Why are you lying to me?”
At the shore of Yunwu Lake, Qiu Mucheng’s expressionless face, looking at Ye Fan in front of him, her cold voice sounded immediately.
The breeze blew three thousand ripples, and also the blue silk on the front of Qiu Mucheng’s forehead, making it chaotic like snow.
She tried to suppress her emotions and tried to keep her words calm, but when she said it, her voice was still a little trembling after all.
Ye Fan showed bitterness and explained aloud: “Mucheng, I have difficulties, can I explain it to you later?”
“She’s your problem, right?” After all, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t control her emotions anymore, and pointed to Xu Lei and shouted at Ye Fan.
“I was always curious before, why would the dignified Yunzhou richest man and the beauty president of Hongqi Group condescend to cooperate with our small company?”
“At the time my grandma’s birthday banquet, why did so many big guys come to give gifts?” Remember to read in one second
“Jewelry exhibition, why did the young master of the Shen family give a diamond ring so as to be so good?”
“It turns out, it’s all because of your so-called hardship.”
Qiu Mucheng smiled self-deprecatingly, her brows flushed. There was an inexplicable disappointment on her stunning pretty face.
“Being a cow and a horse for others, and working hard for her.”
“Do you think the vanity I get this way is what I want?”
“Ye Fan, I said, I don’t dislike your background, and don’t care about your mediocrity. But what I hate is your unpredictability, your self-willingness and depravity.”
“Why are you, why can’t you rely on your own efforts, and get out of it in an upright manner.”
“On the contrary, go to climb the power and wealth, to flattery, sacrifice one’s dignity, in exchange for her ridiculous little favors and charity.”
“Don’t you think it’s sad to be this way of yourself?”
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were red, and she yelled at Ye Fan angrily, almost glittering in her beautiful eyes.
What she looks down on most is the people who are willing to fall and do not know how to make progress and lose their personal dignity.
She can tolerate Ye Fan’s poverty, and she can also tolerate Ye Fan’s mediocrity, but she must not allow her own man to be a man who climbs power and wealth and loses his principles of life for the so-called power.
She didn’t believe what Susie said before, but when she saw this scene before her, Qiu Mucheng had to believe it.
She finally understood now that it turned out that all the glory Ye Fan gave her before was not on herself, but on her.
Just like what Sun Yuhao and the others said in the Jianghai Shengtian Restaurant.
Everyone is not a fool, the world will not lose the pie, the harvest and the effort match.
Today, the more Ye Fan accepts their favor, the more he will give in the future.
Even, it will be the price of life.
The night is lonely, and the breeze ripples.
Qiu Mucheng’s brows were red, and she shouted at Ye Fan. The sad and sullen voice of 7cc7c9b3 echoed across the world.
Ye Fan had no expression on his face, and he stood there calmly. Facing Qiu Mucheng’s angry words, Ye Fan suddenly smiled, but in that smile, he laughed at himself.
“Mucheng, in your eyes, I, Ye Fan, is so unbearable?”
“In your opinion, all my accomplishments depend on the charity and grace of others?”

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