A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2507

However, when these people left, no one noticed that the old man, who had previously fallen in a pool of blood, moved his arm.
Yes, the old man didn’t breathe completely just now.
After all, as we all know, it is easy to defeat a master, but difficult to kill.
The old man in front of him is a great master after all.
Even if it is fatally injured, it is not something that can leave a breath in a short time strange things.
It wasn’t until after everyone left that he took the last breath, took out the phone from his arms, moved his finger, and made a difficult call.
At this time, Chu Qitian, who was located outside the rainforest, was still torturing Lu Hua and the others.
“Patriarch, Lu Hua still refuses to confess.”
At the long table, his subordinates were reporting the progress to Chu Qitian respectfully.
Chu Qitian furrowed his brows and his eyes showed a chill: “I didn’t expect that this kid’s bones are so hard?”
“Continue to ask.”
“Tell him, I have half an hour to be patient.”
“After half an hour, if he still doesn’t explain the whereabouts of Yuan Lingguo, then don’t blame me for killing him and feeding the dog.”
“Yes, master. I’ll go to convey it.” After speaking, the man was about to leave.
“Hold on.” However, Chu Qitian seemed to think of something, and asked again, “Did Elder Keith have a message?”
“It’s been several days, and the second batch of Yuan Lingguo should have already arrived.”
“This~” The subordinates hesitated for a moment, and then continued, “Master, I haven’t received a message from Elder Keith yet.”
“Huh?” Chu Qitian frowned when he heard the words, “What’s the matter with this old thing, is it possible that another accident happened?”
“Probably not. This Lu Hua has been captured by the young master. Elder Keith is on the way forward, and there are no obstacles. It’s not a matter of grasping the Yuan Ling Guo. Master, you stay calm.
Wait a minute, maybe, Elder Keith will come to the news in a while. “The subordinate smiled respectfully.
Sure enough, as soon as this person’s voice fell, a phone call came in.
“Master, what are you talking about?”
“No, has the call arrived?”
The subordinates looked at the phone and saw that it was Elder Keith’s phone, and immediately sent it to Chu Qitian.
When Chu Qitian saw this, he was also overjoyed.
The worries in my heart dissipated immediately.
Then, he answered the phone and asked aloud, “Keith, there should be no problem this time, right?”
“Na Lu Hua has been captured by me, and no one is making trouble for you anymore.”
“If you haven’t grabbed the Yuan Ling Guo this time, there is no need to come back.”
Chu Qitian leaned on the chair, holding a satellite phone in one hand and a light drink of strong tea in the other. In the faint tone, there is implied majesty.
However, after Chu Qitian finished speaking, he waited for a long time without waiting to answer.
There was only a heavy gasp from the phone.
“Keith, what’s the matter?”
“Why are not you talking?”
“What am I asking you to answer?” Chu Qitian became a little unhappy, and there was a little more anger in his words.
Finally, until this time, on the other side of the phone, there was a dying voice of a dying old man.
“No… it’s not Lu Hua, it’s… the abandoned… abandoned son, Chu… Chu Tianfan.”
“Young…Master, hurry up, go, go… find… find the master~”
The faint voice, like a candle in the wind, slowly sounded in Chu Qitian’s ears.

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