A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 255

Just now, Qiu Mucheng clearly felt prying, but now it seems that she thinks too much.
“It seems that I really need to go out and relax.”
Soon, Qiu Mucheng prepared breakfast and put it on the table.
“Mom, Dad. The milk is hot, you can just get up and eat it soon.”
“I have an appointment with Cici. I will go out to see a friend. I may be back in two days.”
As Qiu Mucheng said, she carried the suitcase and went downstairs.
Susie had already drove downstairs and honked the horn there. This silly child, if she doesn’t go any further, she is afraid that she will disturb the people and cause anger.
“Cici, are you ready, where are we going?”
At this time, Qiu Mucheng had already boarded the car.
Susie drove a white BMW 525Li, speeding through the wide streets of the city.
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“Don’t worry, I have all planned.”
“This time, we will go to Mount Taishan.”
“When I was a student, I always wanted to go, but unfortunately I went abroad later. Today is just an opportunity.”
“When we conquer Mount Tai, then why are we afraid that we can’t conquer a mere man?”
Susie smiled triumphantly, but the melodious music in the car was extremely cheerful.
“Also, Mucheng. I heard my father say that there is a grand event near Mount Tai these days. Almost all the powerful and powerful people in Jiangdong have gathered, like our Li Erye in Yunzhou, Lei Sanye in Jingzhou, it is said Chen Ao of Jiang Hai will all go back.”
“The Jiangdong event, rich and powerful, everywhere are the children of the powerful.”
“At that time, maybe we will come and run from time to time. How about the wealthy and wealthy of our favorite?”
Susie smiled, and the nympho started to commit again.
Qiu Mucheng was speechless: “Cici, I now very much doubt your motive for this trip.”
“I think it’s fake for you to climb Mount Tarzan, is it true to find a handsome guy?”
“Your uninhibited soul, when will it be safer?”
When Qiu Mucheng saw through, Susie didn’t blush, but smiled.
That cheeky look is not inferior to that stinky man.
Thinking of Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng’s emotions immediately fell.
It has been a day, and since last night, Ye Fan has not contacted him, let alone came to find himself.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng felt a little self-blaming and unbearable in her heart.
Did I say those words last night too much?
What Ye Fan did made Qiu Mucheng very angry. But thinking about it carefully, everything Ye Fan did seems to be for her.
To curry favor with Xu Lei is to change her situation in the Qiu family.
Working for those powerful and powerful, perhaps also for yourself.
“It’s just Ye Fan, why are you, why can’t you rely on yourself to make some achievements upright, let others admire you, and make me proud of you?”
After all, Qiu Mucheng shook her head, disappointed with Ye Fan.

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