A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2566

However, this method is still a bit less authentic.
However, to protect himself, Ye Fan couldn’t take care of that much!
“Ma De, people are not for themselves, the heavens are destroyed!”
“Sir, sorry~”
As soon as Ye Fan gritted his teeth, he finally decided to shoot according to his plan.
As for other things, Ye Fan couldn’t take care of it.
What’s more, the battle for treasure is like this.
Intrigue and deceive, the weak and the strong.
When Ye Fan stepped into this battle for treasure, it represented the people he met, either friends or enemies!
Ye Fan naturally treats friends like An Qi sincerely.
But for enemies with conflicts of interest, Ye Fan could not tolerate kindness.
Because, the end of kindness is often that you die.
This is the martial arts world.
Cruel and ruthless!
Finally, Ye Fan moved.
In the cave, it exploded with a sound.
Ye Fan’s body, like an arrow from the string, rushed out instantly.
The speed is so fast that even in this cave, many phantoms are pulled out.
The strong wind brought up countless sands and rocks.
At this terrible speed, a distance of more than ten meters will naturally come in an instant.
The other party’s perception was more acute than Ye Fan expected.
Just the moment Ye Fan approached, this person was awakened in the chain repair.
Yuan Li gathered, energy rushed, above the stone platform, the eyes of the black figure suddenly opened, and a cold shout immediately sounded.
And at the same time this person was awakened, Ye Fan gave a heavy palm, already falling!
The surging majesty, with an unpredictable force, slammed on the black shadow’s chest.
The incident happened suddenly, and the man in black was in deep repairs just now. When he woke up, it was undoubtedly too late.
In the end, the man in black still mastered Ye Fan’s Dao, and received Ye Fan’s palm abruptly.
In the bang, this person was directly shocked by Ye Fan, and his body smashed on the stone wall behind him.
The rocks rolled down and the energy flew.
This person trembled, snorted, and vomited a mouthful of blood.
At this time, Ye Fan had already snatched the ice spirit fruit, and while laughing, he ran wildly, fleeing towards the outside madly.
“Sir, offended.”
“There is a chance in the future to make up for today’s sin~”
Although Ye Fan knows that he disturbed people’s chain repairs and robbed them of their treasures. At this time, laughing at this time is a bit like a villain, and it’s also very rude to people, even to say
Somewhat cruel.
Ye Fan wanted to stop laughing, but he couldn’t bear it.
Who is unhappy with such a treasure?
It is estimated that the man in black, after killing the great ape and snatching the treasure, was also happy for a long time.
Only you can enjoy it, but can’t I enjoy it?
“I’m sorry…”
Ye Fan was already far away in the laughter.
In the cave here, only Ye Fan’s laughter echoed.
The next moment, a sharp, angry, and extremely cold voice came out from the cave.
“Dare to destroy my practice and grab my treasure.”
“Today, I will not shame you down, and swear not to be a man!”
“Swear not to be human~”
What kind of anger is that, if only three thousand anger burns the sky.
What kind of chill is that, sweeping Tianhe and freezing it three feet!
And in the midst of the anger that soared to the sky, the figure in black, holding a long sword, resisted the injury, with murderous intent, burning with anger, his figure as fast as a stream of light, whistling out of the hole
Then he chased and killed the fleeing Ye Fan frantically.

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