A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2567

On the isolated island, two figures whizzed past in the void like a stream of light.
The squally winds that brought up all scattered the clouds in the sky.
And under their feet, the layers of trees were swaying in this violent air current, and a wave of green leaves blew across the island in an instant.
These two figures are not others.
One of them was Ye Fan, who had escaped from Treasure Treasure.
On the other side, it was the man in black who was robbed of the treasure by Ye Fan.
At this time, Ye Fan’s firepower was fully on, and his boundless strength gathered on his feet. The speed of the whole person had undoubtedly reached the extreme that Ye Fan could do!
Ye Fan originally thought that it was not a matter of minutes to get rid of the man in black by relying on his extraordinary speed and in the case of severely hurting the opponent.
However, the facts undoubtedly exceeded Ye Fan’s expectations.
Even if Ye Fan tried his best, he still failed to get rid of the black man’s chase, but the distance between the two was still slowly getting closer.
If it weren’t for Ye Fan to dodge and turn around with a weird body technique, he would have been overtaken by the man in black long ago.
“Ma De, I don’t believe it anymore.”
“You are a wounded person, I can’t get rid of you?”
“You will drag you to death!”
Using the light from the corner of his eye, Ye Fan glanced at the dark shadow that was chasing wildly behind him.
The veil concealed the opponent’s face, and the strong wind disturbed the opponent’s long hair.
The black robe danced wildly in the wind, and the whole body exuded a chilling and aura.
Just like a long-haired witch coming out of Shura Hell.
If it is an ordinary person, it is estimated that the opponent’s legs and feet have been frightened by such a terrifying aura.
But Ye Fan didn’t have too many worries in his heart.
In his opinion, the man in black is completely holding on at the moment.
It’s like a big fish hooked, struggling to death with all its strength.
When it runs out of energy, it will naturally be included in the net obediently!
You know, the man in black just received Ye Fan’s palm sturdily.
Even if Ye Fan’s palm had left some leeway, it was enough to injure the man in black.
Look at the red blood stains on the veil, and the more rapid breath.
Ye Fan judged that this man in black would not last long.
After waiting for a long time, the other party’s energy was exhausted, and naturally there was no energy to chase Ye Fan.
After making a decision in his mind, Ye Fan’s heart slammed, and his feet moved faster again.
The wind bursts and the vegetation sways wildly.
Under the Tianhe, Ye Fan’s figure resembled a streamer, whizzing past the isolated island.
In this way, Ye Fan played the speed of life and death with each other on this isolated island.
The two fled and chased, from one end to the other, from morning to noon, and from the sun to sunset.
Ye Fan did not expect to be killed, he flew hundreds of times around the island, and what made Ye Fan collapse even more, he still did not get rid of the man in black.
“Damn it!”
“Is this guy a dog??”
“How can I chase?”
Ye Fan was almost crazy, panting.
He was thinking of dragging the other party to death, but he didn’t expect that he couldn’t wait until the other party was exhausted.
When Ye Fan trembled at the opponent’s endurance, he did not know that the man in black who was chasing after him was not at peace.
“Who is this despicable person?”
“Not only the speed is not much inferior to my heyday, but the weirdness of the body is even higher than me!”

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