A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 258

In the private room, only Chen Ao and others were left looking at the coffin in front of them, their old faces were pale, almost dripping with water.
“This Zao Wou-ki is deceiving too much!”
“There is no one else~”
“Come here, take this coffin out for me and burn it.” Chen Ao said angrily.
Lei Lao San and Li Er also had ugly faces, and they were very angry.
Before the war, sending a coffin is bad luck!
“Hurry up and burn this unlucky coffin!” Lei Lao San also shouted in a deep voice.
However, Ye Fan smiled at this time, and said lightly: “Keep it, maybe it’s really useful.”
Ye Fan’s words are plain, but who knows that the words are rugged.
“President Chen, this is the end of today’s banquet.”
“I’m out shopping.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Fan said a word, then got up and left.
“Brother Xiao Fan, I’ll go with you.” Chen Nan also chased after him. With so many people present, she also had a conversation with Ye Fan.
After all, the other people are elders, many years older than her. But Ye Fan and her are about the same age.
After Ye Fan left, the dull atmosphere in this room did not disappear for a long time.
“Mr. Chen, can we really believe this Mr. Chu?” After a long time, many people had no sense in their hearts, and looked at Chen Ao and asked in fear.
This time the Taishan Martial Arts Association, it seems that the Jiangdong people fought against Wu Herong.
But Jiangdong Province is not a piece of iron.
On one side are the eastern Jiangdong forces headed by Chen Ao, and on the other side are the western forces headed by Zhao Wuji.
On weekdays, Chen Ao and Zao Wou-ki have equal prestige in Jiangdong, and no one can do anything about it.
But now, depending on what Zao Wou-ki meant, the power struggle between him and Chen Ao must be ended at this Taishan Martial Arts Conference?
Chen Ao was also worried, and now he was troubled internally and externally, and no one knew what kind of pressure he was carrying. But now, they have no extra choice.
“We can only trust Mr. Chu, other than that, we have no choice.”
“Now, wait quietly.”
Chen Ao spoke faintly, his solemn eyes looked out the window.
At the end of the horizon, Mount Tai stands majestic, towering into the clouds, straight into the sky.
Nine days away, the wind is surging.
Before the war, wind and rain, the building is full!

“Then Zao Wou-ki is the richest man in Jiangdong, and the big bosses in several urban areas in the east and west of the river are the only ones looking forward.
“Over the years, they have always wanted to kick my father from his current position and completely integrate Jiangdong.”
“This time, internal and external troubles, the pressure on my father is afraid, right?”
Ye Fan had already left the restaurant and walked on the bustling street outside with Chen Nan.
Although the wind is surging in the east of the Yangtze River, the citizens living at the bottom are ignorant of these things, and the entire Anning county town is still as prosperous and peaceful as before.
At this time, Chen Nan’s pretty face was worried, and he was obviously worried about his father and this Taishan Wushu meeting.
Success and failure are really the gap between life and death.
“Don’t worry, with me, your father will be fine.” However, Ye Fan was still calm, and what happened just now did not cause any waves in his heart.
While the two were wandering on the street, Ye Fan looked up and saw a beautiful woman in front of the vendor, standing there, looking at the trinkets happily.
“is her?!”
Ye Fan was shocked immediately.
Is this so special, can I still run into it here?

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