A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2597

The sound of majestic, only if the thunder exploded.
The surging words are like rivers rushing.
At the moment this sound rang, everyone present suddenly raised their heads.
Lu Hua’s eyes widened, Lu Yanxi’s brows trembled.
Mike Jones even raised his head, his teary face was full of disbelief: “Could it be…”
“Is he… still alive?”
As if to respond to Mike Jones’s words, I saw a thin figure in the storm, like a flying hong, rising into the sky.
Between Tianhe, his brows and eyes are prestigious, and he stands with his hands behind.
There is a beautiful woman in her arms, and a sea of clouds rises below her feet.
The power of the surrounding heaven and earth, as if being summoned at this time, gathered at his feet, frantically.
In the end, everyone saw the boy in front of him and stepped on the bottom.
Thousand days of accumulation, instant thin hair!
After many days, Yundao Tianjue’s might, finally once again, shocked the world.
It is like a boulder entering the sea, pulling the square.
At the moment Ye Fan stepped on it, the world boiled like boiling water.
“What kind of trick is this?”
“So majestic?”
Feeling the overwhelming power in front of them, many people were deeply shocked by it.
Even Mike Jones’ eyes widened at that moment.
Because even he has never seen such a powerful attack secret technique.
Powerful, making everyone tremble and bow down.
“Huh, the movement is not small.”
“But, so what?”
“After all, it’s the gold and the jade, and the defeat is in it. It’s bluffing.”
“I don’t believe it anymore, you are just a master, so many of us make a concerted effort, so why can’t we stop you?”
Among the crowd, the Australian powerhouse who took the lead in attacking Ye Fan, smiled sullenly on the one hand.
Even if he has seen Ye Fan’s majesty, he still doesn’t think that Ye Fan has the ability to compete with the powers of the nations.
After all, two fists are hard to beat four hands.
Even if the master is strong, it is by no means strong enough to compete with so many people by one person.
Just as the Australian powerhouse was grinning, Ye Fan’s repulsive kick finally stepped on the offensive of everyone.
“We must let him die~”
Among the crowd, the strong Australians clenched their palms, gritted their teeth and roared.
Others are also looking forward to Ye Fan’s defeat,
However, what everyone did not expect was that the scene they were looking forward to did not appear.
On the contrary, their combined attack force smashed instantly under Ye Fan’s feet like a falling egg.
All attacks are like dandelions blown away by the wind, scattered in all directions.
What row of palms?
What Buddha seal?
All of these people’s proud attacks were nothing more than native chickens under Ye Fan.
In just an instant, he was defeated by Ye Fan.
“This… how is this possible?”
“He’s a master, why… how can he be so strong?”
“Do not!”
“Never possible?”
“This is absolutely impossible?”
After seeing this scene, everyone present was dumbfounded.
The Australian powerhouse who was triumphant before, is like a rooster pinched by someone’s neck, with his mouth firmly open and roaring in disbelief.
Not only these warriors from Australia, but Kong Ming, Lu Yanxi and other people who accompanied them on the hot summer martial arts, also felt shocked.
Especially Lu Hua, the whole person could only be smashed to the ground by thunder.
“This this..”
“Is he really, just…just a teenager?”

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