A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 261

“You redneck, do you know a fart?”
“Have you ever had red wine?”
“Do you know Rafite?”
“You haven’t been out of the country, have you?”
“You are a frog at the bottom of the well, who gave you the courage to talk nonsense in front of Shao Liu?”
“Return to the Rothschild Winery? Why don’t you talk about the Rothschild Winery?”
“I’m talking nonsense here, Miss Chen Nan’s stall with a boyfriend like you is also a bloody mold for eight lifetimes.”
Liu Jiawei has not spoken yet, but Wang Yu is undoubtedly angry instantly.
He cursed at Ye Fan with a dark face. If it weren’t for fear of frightening Chen Nan, Wang Yu would have already gone up and kicked the country.
Whether he can be promoted, but it all depends on Liu Jiawei. Now that this country cock is messing up here, Wang Yu is of course angry! Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Wang Yu, it’s okay.”
“Why do you have general knowledge with him?”
“I’m a countryman after all, I don’t have much knowledge, pretending to be knowledgeable, and making jokes is normal.”
Liu Jiawei tried hard to suppress his anger, still posing as a gentleman of modest and modest appearance.
After all, in front of the girl I like, the gentleman naturally has to be more generous.
We are cultivated people.
Until now, Liu Jiawei still thinks that Ye Fan is talking nonsense.
“It’s still Master Liu’s generosity, the prime minister can hold a boat in his belly, and Liu Shao sees it as someone who can do great things.”
“If you meet someone like Liu Shao with such a profound gentleman, then you can marry as soon as possible.” Wang Yu’s flattery shook the sky.
Liu Jiawei is also very helpful to this, raising his chin, but his eyes are full of arrogance.
Just like this, the afternoon passed quickly.
During this period, Liu Jiawei wanted to chase Ye Fan away many times. After all, Ye Fan was here. If they wanted to do something to Chen Nan, it would undoubtedly be too an eyesore.
However, they still failed, Ye Fan still followed them closely, and Chen Nan also followed Ye Fan closely, talking and laughing.
Seeing that the sky was getting dark, when Liu Jiawei and the others passed by a restaurant, their eyes suddenly lit up, beckoning everyone to go in and eat something to cushion their stomachs.
“After dinner, Nan Nan, you can go to the martial arts club with us 3abd466e.”
“There is a martial arts event in Anning County tonight. Many big figures in Jiangdong will come. Most people can’t get in.”
“I also asked a friend to get a few tickets.” Liu Jiawei said lightly.
“I’m going, Shao Liu is amazing!”
“I also heard about this martial arts meeting. It is said that Chen Ao from Jianghai, Erye Li from Yunzhou, and Sanye Lei from Jingzhou almost all came.”
“The big guys gather. If you don’t have the ability, you can’t enter this kind of place.”
“As for ordinary people, I’m afraid they don’t even know.” Wang Yu sighed in surprise.
Later, Wang Yu looked at Chen Nan and others: “Miss Chen, have you seen it?”
“This is the gap between the poor and the rich.”
“The world of the powerful is not accessible to the poor at all.”
“Like the Taishan Martial Arts Association today, you probably don’t know it at all.”
“A person like your boyfriend who stands at the foot of a mountain can only see the size of the place in front of him. And a person like Liu Shao who stands at the top of a mountain sees the sea of ​​stars.”
“Shao Liu, are you right?”
Liu Jiawei took a sip of tea and nodded: “Well, what you said is really good.”
“Just like our brother Ye Fan, who was born in the countryside and worries about his livelihood day and night, it is estimated that there will be nothing but sorrow in front of him in his life.”
“You have never seen the forest in Norway, the Eiffel Tower in England.”
“You have never seen penguins foraging on the Arctic ice sheet, or the dazzling aurora on the Antarctic sky.”
“As far as you are concerned, the waves of the Dogin River in Europe only exist in the music?”
“The romance of the Aegean Sea has only been seen on TV.”
“You have lived in one place all your life, and you have only seen the sunset in one place in your life.”
“Brother Ye, I actually sympathize with you. The world is so beautiful, but you are afraid that you won’t be able to go out for a lifetime.”
Liu Jiawei smiled lightly, with a strong sense of superiority on his handsome face, and his appearance was as if Haoyue was looking down at a firefly.
The contempt and pity in those words are so rich.

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