A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 265

Anning County.
In the lobby of a certain restaurant, seven or eight mighty and majestic men have blocked the entire entrance of the restaurant.
The bald man put his arms around the enchanting plump girl, found a seat and sat down, eating peanuts while looking at the thin young man in front of him.
“Boy, countryman?” The bald man asked casually, the joking voice, as if he was playing with an ant.
Also, in front of him, what is the difference between Ye Fan, a country soft-shelled turtle with no power and no money, and ants?
Ye Fan put his hands in his pockets, looked at the bald man calmly, and said indifferently: “Father is unkind and has been with his mother since childhood. My mother is in the town below, so I should be considered a countryman.”
When the bald man heard this, he suddenly smiled: “Since he is a countryman, he must have a name of himself when he comes to the city now, understand? It is a turtle, then lie on the ground. Otherwise, it will be like now In this way, if you offend others, you are the one who suffers.”
The bald man spoke casually, one palm was gently frosting the high-end stockings on the beautiful legs of the young woman in his arms, the other arm was waved, and his hand immediately handed the bald man an iron rod.
Afterwards, the bald man threw it lightly.
Hearing only a crisp sound, the iron rod fell on the ground, trembled three times, and rolled to Ye Fan’s feet. Remember to read in one second
“Someone buys you a leg.”
“If you are acquainted, pick it up and interrupt yourself.”
“Don’t let us do it ourselves.”
“None of my men are serious or serious. If they do, they might even have interrupted your third leg.”
The words of the bald man caused everyone to laugh. The enchanting woman in his arms also twisted in his arms, complaining that the bald man was so rude, and said this kind of shame in front of other girls.
“Why, it can only be used by your women at night, so we men are not allowed to talk?”
While the bald man was talking and laughing, he patted the ass of the young woman in his arms again, and with a snap, his plump buttocks trembled three times.
The enchanting young woman was scratching her head again, causing a burst of heat in the bald man’s heart.
Their appearance like no one here is undoubtedly a great contempt for Ye Fan.
But Ye Fan was not angry at all, put his hands in his pockets, and smiled faintly: “Not long ago, there was someone like you who threw me a baseball bat and let me break it myself.”
“Do you know, what was the end result?”
“How?” The bald man said casually, with an indifferent look, as if he was listening to someone telling a story.
Ye Fan glanced at the corner of his mouth: “That person might be sitting in prison in the future.”
As soon as the bald man heard this, his old face sank, and the hands that frosted the beautiful legs of the woman in his arms suddenly became stronger, and the painful young woman groaned.
“Boy, I think you want to die?”
“Do you know that there are not many people in Anning County, even in Jingzhou, who dare to speak to me like Zhao Lichun.”
“You are a poor country, so you dare to offend me like this?”
Zhao Lichun’s face was as deep as water, and his words were full of chill.
What is the most taboo of these people who are in the dark corners of the world?
No doubt he was in jail.
And obviously, Ye Fan’s words undoubtedly touched the taboos of these people.
Seeing, the atmosphere in the room suddenly cooled down. Those big guys also showed fierce brilliance, and the guys in their hands also lifted up.
Obviously, he was ready to attack Ye Fan.
“Let me die?” However, Ye Fan still smiled indifferently.
He stood quietly with his hands in his pockets, shaking his head and chuckles: “I don’t know, how do you compare to Lei San from Jingzhou?”

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