A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 270

The deafening sounds converged into a stream and hit the entire restaurant lobby.
At that moment, everyone present was dumbfounded.
Zhao Lichun himself, his pupils shrunk even more, his heart was shocked, his eyes were full of panic and horror, and his eyeballs, because of his shock, almost burst out.
Could it be that Sanye Lei is here too?
Just in the panic, outside the restaurant, an old man with a bald head in the center, but in a suit and leather shoes, knocked on the ground with black leather shoes, surrounded by everyone, then walked in.
At this time, Lei San had no expression on his face, with sullen anger and coldness on his old face.
After entering the door, he looked around, and finally his eyes fell somewhere among the crowd.
He walked over, bowed slightly, and then bowed to Ye Fan amidst everyone’s shocked and violent gazes, “Mr. Chu, it’s me, Lei San, who has nowhere to go, and you are shocked.”
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See the scene before me.
Zhao Lichun, the coquettish woman, and everyone present were all confused.
Especially the person who was about to take the guy to dry Ye Fan just now, his face was pale and panic, his whole person almost scared to pee.
Zhao Lichun himself stared at the young man who was respected by Lei Sanye. At that moment, his brain was blank, his red lips were open, and the words he said trembled.
“This…. How is this possible?”
Zhao Lichun couldn’t believe that a country dick who was born in the countryside had the majesty that could make Lei San Ye of Jingzhou-respectfully worship.
At this time, Zhao Lichun remembered the phone call that Ye Fan asked him to answer.
Could it be that the call just now was really Sanye Lei?
my God!
What did I do?
I asked Lei Sanye to call his father?
Zhao Lichun was completely stunned, and his heart was full of fear and despair!
Until now, he finally understood why Brother Yu met him just now and said directly, making him prepare to die.
Suddenly provoke two great men, and his life has indeed come to an end!
Among the restaurants.
Ye Fan stood with his hand on his back, facing the apologetic words of Lei San, coldly replied: “You still know that you have nowhere to fight!”
“This person just broke my legs. Do you know what to do?”
“Yeah.” Lei San nodded, “Mr. Chu, don’t worry, leave the rest to me Lei San.”
Lei Lao San immediately turned around, staring coldly at the bald man who dared to call him father, and his eyes were cold.
Then, Lei Laosan waved his hand and whispered, “He broke his limbs.”
“Then, send it to the police station.”
“Such a scum, just sit and wear it in prison.”
Lei Lao San’s words seemed to be sentenced to death, Zhao Lichun’s face turned pale, as if he had drew out all his strength in an instant and lay directly on the ground, full of despair.
At this time, outside the restaurant, nearly a hundred people rushed in, and almost instantly took all of Zhao Lichun’s men and directly took his lair.
At the same time, Lei Laosan threw an iron rod to Zhao Lichun and let him break his legs.
Finally, when Zhao Lichun, who was in pain, was carried out like a dog, Ye Fan suddenly called them.
At this moment, Ye Fan stood with his hands in his hands, with eyes full of sneers, condescendingly looking at Zhao Lichun, who was covered in blood in front of him, with a faint smile: “Before leaving, I will send you a word.”
“How about the country folk, how about the city folk?”
“A person’s dignity and inferiority depends only on his own ability, what is his background?!
“Why do you ask the origin of the hero?”
“There are real dragons lying in the poor countryside!”
“Although I’m in a humble place, I still have the power of the world!!!”

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