A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2743

So that night, Mo Gucheng, the King of Fighters, decided on the candidate.
It was decided to send three people from the Wushen Temple to form a sympathy group to represent the Yanxia Martial Arts and the Wushen Temple to go to the land of Jiangdong, the hometown of Ye Fan, to console Ye Fan’s widow.
ask. The head of the condolences group was the son of Mo Gucheng, Mo Wuya.
“Dad, you let me be the leader of this condolences group to visit an unknown bastard?”
“Did you make a mistake?”
“Isn’t it enough that the bastard grabbed my spot? I listened to you and didn’t go to him to settle the account. Now instead of letting me visit his relatives and friends, isn’t this humiliating me?
“I dont go!”
“I can’t afford to lose this person.”
After returning home at night, Mo Gucheng told his son Mo Wuya about the incident.
After the First World War, Mo Wuya was almost beaten to death by Ye Fan.
Of course, when he was in Japan, Ye Fan called himself Chu Tianfan.
Therefore, Mo Wuya and the others did not know that Chu Tianfan and Ye Fan were actually the same.
However, it doesn’t matter, it does not hinder Mo Gucheng’s hostility towards Ye Fan.
After all, Mo Wuya struggled for decades in order to successfully enter the Lord’s Temple of Martial Arts and become the seventh god general of the Pillar Kingdom.
It can be said that he has been working hard for this goal for half of his life.
The previous trip to Japan can be said to be the last test for him to become a titled master.
However, Mo Wuya never expected that he would fall short for Shan Jiuren.
This Linmen who stepped into the Martial God Temple was beaten to pieces by a fellow named Chu Tianfan. He almost lost his life.
If it weren’t for his father’s use of countless resources and treasures to treat him at all costs, otherwise, the current Mo Wuya would have lost his soul for nine days and died.
Later, Mo Wuya, who was recovering from his wounds, was undoubtedly overjoyed when he learned that Chu Tianfan, who had been hit hard by the Japanese, had fallen.
Because, once Chu Tianfan died, no one would compete with him for the title of Grand Master.
He Mo Wuya can still enter the main martial arts temple.
However, what Mo Wuya didn’t even dream of was that after walking a Chu Tianfan, he killed another Ye Fan halfway.
Seeing the title position he got, he changed hands again.
It is conceivable that at the time, Mo Wuya was so broken and angry in his heart.
The most irritating thing in life is this. It is obvious that success is at your fingertips, but you fell into the last darkness before dawn.
At the beginning, the King of Fighters did not dare to tell his son this message. It wasn’t until Mo Wuya was well injured that he learned that the Martial God Temple had awarded a title to Ye Fan.
Mo Wuya was dissatisfied at the time, and even rushed to the Martial God Temple to argue with the God of War and others, and threatened to go to Jiangdong to face-to-face with Ye Fan and compete openly.
But at that time, Mo Wuya was badly injured after all, so the King of Fighters stopped his impulsive behavior.
In addition, Haotian Grandmaster Tang Hao also went to Jiangdong to review Ye Fan’s strength, and once again determined that Ye Fan’s strength should be higher than Mo Wuya, becoming the seventh titled sect in the summer.
The teacher is also well-deserved.
The gods of war Ye Qingtian and Tang Hao both backed Ye Fan, and his son was defeated tragically. In short, even if the King of Fighters was dissatisfied, he had to presuppose Ye Fan.
The reality of occupying his own son’s place.
It’s just that although it has been several months since this matter, Mo Wuya still cared about it now.
Now that his father arranged for him to visit Ye Fan’s relatives, Mo Wuya was even more dissatisfied.

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