A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 277

Taishan Guild Hall was silent at this time.
Everyone looked around attentively.
The cold wind is bitter, and the breeze whispers. The low voices of Chen Ao and Zao Wou-ki reverberated for a long time in the guild hall of Nuo University.
However, everyone looked around for a long time, but they did not see any one getting up and taking to the ring.
On the seven-foot stone platform, it was still empty.
“Well, how about people?”
“Could it be impossible to come?”
“You won’t be scared away?”
Wang Yu stretched his neck and looked around. Seeing no one appeared for a long time, he suddenly sneered and laughed.
When Liu Jiawei saw this, he also shook his head, pretending to be a profound comment: “Does this still need to be said?”
“It must be scared away.” Remember to read for a second
“How big is today’s battle? The one named Wu Herong has the courage to fight against the whole Jiangdong boss by himself.”
“Nan Nan, don’t you think?”
Liu Jiawei smiled lightly, looking at Chen Nan’s eyes full of obsession.
If it weren’t for the crowds here, she would have been tempted to embrace such a beautiful girl as Chen Nan in her arms.
As for her boyfriend Ye Fan, Liu Jiawei never cared.
This kind of soft-shelled turtle, even if he had given Chen Nan in front of him, what could this hillbilly do with him?
Chen Nan didn’t speak, and was equally puzzled. Could it be that Wu Herong was really scared by Jiangdong’s position, so he didn’t dare to show up?
However, just as everyone was talking, Ye Fan frowned, looked up at the place like a dome, and whispered, “He is here.”
“Come on your sister?”
“Shao Liu said that the man has been scared away, you idiot still pretending to be here?!”
Wang Yu cursed directly.
However, at this moment, a violent storm suddenly raged in the hall, and then, a dull sound, like a muffled thunder, blasted above everyone’s heads.
“On… on top~”
At this moment, someone suddenly screamed.
Under the tremor, everyone looked up.
I saw a black shadow standing proudly above the dome.
He stepped on it and the dome of the hall exploded.
The steel bar broke and the rubble was flying.
The dome of the guild hall blasted a hole.
But a sturdy figure, like a god, jumped down from above the dome.
Under the acceleration of gravity, that person’s speed is undoubtedly extremely fast!
The soles of the feet step on the ground, and the earth trembles. The bluestone ring burst immediately. Between the scattered rocks, a pair of footprints appeared immediately!
The violent wind that brought up swept the entire hall in an instant.
Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.
Who could have imagined that Wu Herong would appear in such a shocking way.
The ten-meter dome, jumped down!
Footsteps smashed through the ground, but the whole person was unscathed?
Let me go to Nima!
“Is it still human?”
Many people were trembling mad.
A normal person can jump from the ground of three meters without a problem, which is already awesome.
But the person in front of him, after stepping through the roof, jumped down ten meters high, unscathed!
This scene undoubtedly shocked many people.
Qiu Mucheng’s hands tightly covered her red lips, and Su Qian’s eyes widened.
As for Wang Yu, who was still scolding Ye Fan for nonsense the previous second, he was even more like a goose at this time, his mouth tightly open, and his voice was aghast.
“Ciao, actually… unexpectedly, really came?”
Not only Wang Yu and the others, but even Chen Ao and Zao Wou-ki, their faces paled after seeing Wu Herong appearing with such shaking eyes.
Wu Herong’s strength was undoubtedly beyond their expectations.
“Are you Jiangdong Wang Chen Ao?”

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