A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2791

Perhaps because of fear, Fen Tian didn’t take the initiative to stand up, but kept silent.
It was the Buddha King frowned and asked aloud: “I don’t know who your Excellency is. What is going on here to find Burning Heaven?”
The strong Indians were jealous of the opponent’s strength, so they didn’t talk harshly when they came up, and the tone of speech was quite polite.
But the woman didn’t give them a good face.
Senran’s cold words sounded again: “I’ll ask again, among you, who is King Yintian, Burning the sky?”
“Your Excellency, don’t you think you are too much?” Facing the woman’s unreasonableness, King Buddha and the others were obviously a little angry.
“This is the Indian martial arts.”
“Your Excellency trespasses into the country’s martial arts center, and you don’t know how to apologize.”
“But still yelling at us, questioning us.”
“Such rude behavior, it would be too unreasonable to put me King Buddha, not my Indian martial arts in the eyes?”
“Your Excellency, whether you are asking people or asking for directions, be polite to me!”
King Foluo is always a leader of the Indian martial arts. When asked so rudely, he only felt insulted and offended.
Ahead, the woman raised her eyebrows when she heard the words.
“Well, since you have to be polite, then I will be polite to you!”
As the woman’s voice fell, there was only one buzzing in the void.
Then, a colorful sword light suddenly lit up in the depths of Tianhe.
With a force of lightning speed, he headed towards the place where King Foluo and others were, and immediately cut off.
The battle broke out in an instant.
“So strong sword spirit!”
“Be careful everyone~”
Feeling the fierce sword aura of the opponent, King Foluo and the others were shocked and evaded one after another.
But how fast is the sword move, and the surging power swept the world.
So that King Foluo and others wanted to hide, but they couldn’t avoid it at all.
You can only resist positively!
Seeing that the sword light had already struck, Fo Luo immediately sighed in a low voice, pinched with both hands, and even more words in his mouth.
Then, Dao Dao golden light emerged from his palm.
Immediately afterwards, a palm print gathered and formed in an instant, and then crashed against the sword energy in front.
The deafening sound resounded through Tianhe.
Two attacks dissipated as soon as they touched.
However, Fo Luo was hit by the sword energy and stepped back dozens of steps on the ground.
On the other hand, the holy woman was already standing in the sky, and she didn’t move.
“King Foluo, was knocked back by the opponent with a sword?”
Seeing this situation, Fen Tian and others were shocked.
Although this King Foluo was a bit old, his strength was basically equal to that of Fen Tian.
Under the opponent’s sword, such a powerful man fell into a disadvantage with one move.
When everyone trembled, the woman swung her sword again in the sky.
The long sword is circulating, and the green mansions are vertical and horizontal.
In the blink of an eye, almost thousands of sword auras, like a dragon, swept from all directions, almost overwhelming.
That majestic power makes all the strong here fearless.
“not good!”
“King Foluo is afraid there will be danger.”
“Everyone, shoot together.”
“Help King Foluo to carry a strong enemy together!”
These people in front of them are not the highly respected and powerful people in the Indian martial arts.
They were undoubtedly fast, and they could see that King Foluo alone was afraid it would be difficult to stop this woman’s might.
Therefore, in shock, the five strong players present all shot together.
“Thunder Fire Sword!”
“Para Palm~”
“Tianshi Lei Jue!”
For a time, the strong from all sides attacked together, and all kinds of powerful moves were released.

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