A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 280

“Ancient Yun Chang, Wen Jiu cut Hua Xiong.”
“Today there is Meng Baichuan, make tea and cut He Rong!”
“Instructor Meng, he is so bold!”
Zao Wou-ki laughed, Meng Baichuan’s self-confidence undoubtedly contributed to Zao Wou-ki’s arrogance.
In an instant, Zao Wou-ki faced the direction Meng Baichuan had left, holding his fists and shouting: “I wish the Chief Instructor, you will be successful and reappear the power of Guan Gong!”
Zao Wou-ki’s move is like a huge rock entering the sea, setting off a thousand layers of waves.
Suddenly, behind Zao Wou-ki, dozens of big bosses all stepped out, facing the direction of Meng Baichuan, congratulated together: “I wish Chief Instructor Meng, be successful, and reproduce the power of Guan Gong!”
“I wish Chief Instructor Meng, you will be victorious~~”
The words of respect and respect, but they are gathered into a stream, like waves swept, echoing in the whole hall. Remember to read in one second
Chen Ao and the others looked solemnly, watching from a distance, but the worry and solemnity in their hearts were so full.
At this time, the entire hall has undoubtedly been quiet.
Everyone, looking at the mighty and mighty figure of Meng Baichuan, stepped up the steps.
Until, appeared in front of Wu Herong.
“Are you Wu Herong?”
“Ten years ago, it was a disaster for Jiangdong, but now he has come back and committed countless crimes, Wu Herong, the former richest man in Jiangdong?” Meng Baichuan shouted angrily, but brought gusts of wind and waves.
Wu Herong smiled: “The momentum is not small.”
“I just don’t know, how strong is your strength?”
“It’s enough to defeat you!”
However, Meng Baichuan stopped talking nonsense, his muscles lifted up, and his whole body exploded.
Then, Meng Baichuan was pressing down on his waist plate, and his lower body suddenly exerted force.
A violent force suddenly spread from the ground to the soles of the feet, then to the legs, and finally the waist suddenly exerted force.
Meng Baichuan slammed his fist violently.
His punch was so strong that it almost caused a sonic boom.
The punch hasn’t arrived yet, but the fierce wind of punch has swept away.
In that strong wind, all of Wu Herong’s robe was blown violently!
“Good boxing!”
“Chen Ao, see it, this is the power of the chief instructor of the three services?”
“This is Wenjiu Zhan Huaxiong’s domineering!”
“Compared with Chief Instructor Meng, the people you look for are all rubbish.”
“Ant is better~”
This shot by Meng Baichuan shocked the Quartet.
Zao Wou-ki shouted excitedly, but the old face was all red.
It was not Meng Baichuan who had hit this punch, but he seemed to have it.
“Is it a martial arts boxing?” Wu Herong suddenly smiled when he saw Meng Baichuan’s blow.
He stood with his hand in his hand, but with a touch of joking and contempt at the corner of his mouth, the whole person remained calm.
Meng Baichuan’s attack did not cause any waves in his heart as if the Pinghu Lake had stopped.
Until, the fist wind has reached the front.
Wu Herong just shook his head and smiled: “Is it just this strength?”
“Well, today I will let you see what is the real military fist!”
When the words fell, Wu Herong also violent instantly.
He took a step forward, pressing down on his waist, and the whole person almost stood on a full moon journey, like a bow full of strength, accumulating power for a thousand days, bursting out!
The fists touch each other like a dragon and a tiger.
That thunder-like roar, but it blasted the world.
At this moment, everyone held their breath.
Zao Wou-ki’s eyes widened, and Chen Ao kept his eyes open.
Wang Yu, Liu Jiawei and others also held their breath.
Everyone, looking at it!

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