A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2808

Seeing Chu Qitian coming back, he frowned.
Chu Qitian shook his head: “It’s not a teacher, it’s a great elder.”
“That old thing, could it show you a look?” Chu Zhengliang frowned further.
Although the great elders are highly respected among the Chumen, they cannot be wildly spread to their Chu family.
Chu Qitian didn’t conceal it, and truthfully told the reason why the elder reprimanded him.
When Chu Zhengliang heard this, his brows suddenly stretched out, and he turned his head and continued to run the business.
“Then you deserve it!”
“Tang Yun is not only your teacher, but also the master of Chumen, the leader of our three families.”
“Then, even I dare not say it.”
“You bastard, how dare you say disrespect to the master.”
“The Great Elder just scolded you. If I was there, I would have to scratch your ears.”
Chu Zhengliang also made a serious criticism of Chu Qitian.
Chu Qitian lowered his head: “Dad, I know I was wrong.”
“But, I just feel upset.”
“Do you know that today is a big trouble in Chumen, a woman who has the strength to fight with me, Teacher Tang Yun, who is she here for?”
“Who is it for?” Chu Zhengliang was also interested.
Chumen Mountain occupies a huge area.
Although Chu Family Manor is also on Chumen Mountain, it is still a little far from the main hall of Chumen Headquarters.
Therefore, although Chu Zhengliang had heard of the previous news, he did not come to the scene in person, and naturally he did not know many details.
“It’s Chu Tianfan!”
“He came for that evil seed, Chu Tianfan.”
“Because the teacher killed Chu Tianfan, she came to give him revenge.”
“Even for him?”
Chu Zhengliang was also surprised when he heard this. A pair of pupils shrank suddenly.
An old face that was originally calm, but now it was ugly and almost dripping.
“I didn’t expect that an abandoned son abandoned by my Chu family would still be standing behind such a strong man?”
“It seems that we have always underestimated him.”
For a long time, their father and son felt that no matter how powerful Ye Fan was, he was only alone, fighting alone, with no support at all.
Therefore, even if they learned that Chu Tianfan had the power of title, Chu Zhengliang and the others were only shocked and felt that it was a threat to the position of their son’s heir. They did not feel jealous and fearful.
After all, his Yang Chu family has a solid foundation, and the strong are like clouds.
For lonely people like Ye Fan, in front of the behemoth of the Chu family, there is nothing to fear.
But now, the appearance of this woman has surprised Chu Zhengliang.
Because this means that behind that young man, there are very likely some terrible connections and forces.
If that’s the case, what Ye Fan can threaten is not just his son’s heir, but the entire Chu family!
“But fortunately, that abandoned son has been killed by Tang Yun’s master.”
“It’s because he really had some monstrous contacts before he was alive, but now when he died, everything became vain.”
“Everything is not enough to be afraid of.”
Chu Zhengliang said with joy.
In the past, Chu Zhengliang, like his son, did not take Ye Fan seriously.
However, until the last time he had a face-to-face and fight with Ye Fan on the shores of Japanese waters, Chu Zhengliang had undoubtedly been more afraid of this nephew.
Now, it was revealed that behind Ye Fan, there was still a peerless powerhouse comparable to Tang Yun.
Chu Zhengliang didn’t dare to imagine what kind of confidant trouble this class of people would become if they did not die!

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