A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2830

Moreover, even if it does appear, it must be cleared up, and all the leaders of the company group will be greeted by sweeping the couch, as noisy and lively as a king’s visit.
What’s more, how can such a distinguished person be like Ye Fan, dressed so shabby and plain.
Of course, besides that, there is Ye Fan’s age.
There is a fledgling boy who is about the same age as him. Will this kind of person be the head of the Hundred Billion Group?
Believe it if you have a disability!
Therefore, facing Ye Fan’s words, Yang Xiao naturally found it ridiculous.
In the end, Yang Xiao seemed to deliberately wanted to make Ye Fan ugly, and shouted at the people around him: “Come on, everyone.”
“This buddy said he is the head of the Mufan Group?”
“Is the boss behind this company~”
“Laughing to death~”
Yang Xiao pointed to Ye Fan’s direction and laughed. The whole person is almost straight down.
Growing up, was he the first time he saw such a funny Biga idiot?
“I go!”
“This brother is awesome?”
“Dare to say anything big?”
“Really a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.”
“Come over and apply for the job and still speak badly. He is not afraid of being thrown out.”
“no way.”
“Like this class, the losers of life, I am afraid that they can get a little sense of existence by bragging and bragging?”
“Otherwise, who can see him?”
“It’s sad~”
Soon, Ye Fan attracted everyone’s attention again and became the focus of the audience.
Many people talked in whispers, and the ridicule and sarcasm were particularly harsh.
Obviously, Ye Fan at this time has become a laughing stock in everyone’s eyes.
However, facing the ridicule and questioning of Yang Xiao and others, Ye Fan remained unmoved.
On the delicate face, there is always an inexplicable confidence and calmness.
Even though he has been pointed out by thousands of people at this time, Ye Fan still replied indifferently: “Why, don’t you believe it?”
“I believe you are a ghost! You really think of me as a three-year-old kid?” Yang Xiao laughed and cursed, “However, if you are really courageous, don’t brag about us here. Go in and go inside.
The leader of the rushing company blows. ”
“How about, do you dare or dare?” Yang Xiao continued.
“I just meant it.” Ye Fan chuckled lightly, and even in the trembling eyes of everyone, he walked directly towards the room where he was interviewing.
“I go!”
“This bastard, he really dare?”
“He won’t. Substitution is too deep. Does he really consider himself the head?”
Seeing this scene, Yang Xiao and others were all surprised.
What he said just now was nothing more than agitation Ye Fan.
He thought that even if the brat had the courage, he would definitely not dare to go in and make trouble.
But now it seems that he miscalculated.
“Really a stupid pig?”
“Wait to be thrown out.”
“Dare to make trouble on this occasion?”
“It’s really looking for death!”
“Insult for yourself~”
Behind, Yang Xiao and others sneered and discussed endlessly. Looks like waiting for a good show.
When the noise was outside, the room was still very quiet.
In the front, several interviewers were sitting in jeopardy, asking people who came to interview according to the procedure.
Most of these interviewers are in their forties. Most of them have been in the workplace for many years and have read countless people. They undoubtedly have unique skills in selecting and appointing people.
It is precisely because of this that the company’s senior management also decided to let them be the person in charge of this recruitment.

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