A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 286

At that moment, the audience was momentarily stagnant, and Liu Jiawei was even more stunned.
What’s the situation with this Nima?
At this time, another person stepped forward, bowed and bowed again: “Yellow, Mr. Chu!”
“This this…”
Liu Jiawei was stunned, and Wang Yu’s eyes widened.
All the laughter that ridiculed Ye Fan just now, undoubtedly stopped abruptly.
Everyone is stunned, some can’t understand the situation.
However, this is just the beginning.
After Wang Jiexi came forward to worship, the third, the fourth~
It is like a boulder falling into the sea, setting off a thousand layers of waves. Remember to read in one second
In an instant, one after another stood up, and one after another stepped forward to worship each other.
Until the end, Chen Ao, Li Er and others also stepped forward, clasped their fists and bowed before bowing: “I Li Er~”
“My third son, Lei~”
“I’m Chen Ao, Mr. Ying Chu!”
“Mr. Ying Chu!!”
“May Mr. Chu, turn the tide and save me Jiangdong~”
“Turn the tide, save me Jiangdong~”
The sound of one after another, in the whole world, constantly exploded. Like thunder in nine days, rolling by.
Rushing to the weather, converging into a stream, in an instant, it swept the entire venue.
At that moment, Liu Jiawei was stunned, Wang Yu was stunned, and Li Xiaohong was stunned. Everything that had just laughed at Ye Fan was stunned.
They stared at the scene in disbelief, and there was a stormy sea madly sweeping in their hearts.
“He He…”
“Really Mr. Chu?”
“But… but how is this possible?”
“This is absolutely impossible!”
“He is a farmer in the countryside, born in a humble family, humble and contemptuous, how can he make the whole Jiangdong boss worship?”
“This is absolutely impossible!”
“Never possible!!”
At that moment, Liu Jiawei’s eyes
Crimson, the whole person was almost cracked, as if mad, roaring angrily.
The most unacceptable thing in life is to find someone I looked down upon before, and suddenly I stepped on my feet.
This is undoubtedly the case with Liu Jiawei now.
Up to this moment, he couldn’t accept that Ye Fan would be Mr. Chu, he would be Mr. Chu that Chen Ao and others would respect.
“Acknowledged the wrong person, it must be the wrong person.” Wang Yu also didn’t believe it at all, his old face was pale, and he said again and again.
At this time, Ye Fan had already stepped onto the ring and stood in front of Wu Herong.
“You are Mr. Chu?”
“That Chu family’s evil seed?”
“I have been waiting for you for a long time.”
“This time, I, Wu Herong, came across the sea and came here for you!”
Upon hearing this, the audience trembled again.
Wu Herong came back to China and set off such a bloody storm in Jiangdong only for the person in front of him?
Is this Ye Fan really a big man they can’t afford?
In just an instant, Liu Jiawei was dumbfounded.
Wang Yu was also almost frightened, his soul flew away!
But Ye Fan was still smiling, his eyebrows were calm, and he stood peacefully.
The night breeze was blowing, but it was blowing Ye Fan’s forehead hair.
At this time, Ye Fan was as if Pinghu had stopped water. The Wu Herong, who had frightened the whole Jiangdong in front of him, didn’t seem to make any waves in his heart.
“Really?” Ye Fan laughed back.
“Actually, I have been looking for you for a long time.”
“Now, since I found it, I don’t have to go.”
“Tonight, sleep at the foot of Mount Tai~”
Ye Fan’s words made Wu Herong’s eyebrows cold, his pupils shrank, and his anger suddenly burst out: “Junior, are you arrogant looking for death?!!!”
When the words fell, Wu Herong immediately violent, punched hard, and instantly smashed it out.
The speed of the fist is so fast that it generates bursts of sonic booms and bursts the world.
In just an instant, the battle between Ye Fan and Wu Herong was about to start!
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