A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2887

With one person taking the lead, a thousand waves arose among the crowd.
Soon, in the crowd, more and more people echoed in anger.
“Yes, take the opportunity to kill him!”
“Eternal trouble~”
“Even if he doesn’t die, he has to abolish his cultivation.”
“So that he knows, what is elder and inferior? What is respect for seniors?”
Everyone was talking.
In the end, these people went to the lakeside and prayed to Lu Songliang, “Lord Lu, walk the way for the sky and kill this scum of martial arts!”
“Lord Lu, walk the way for the sky and kill these madmen!”
Behind him, the sentiment is already in anger.
After hearing these words, Lu Songliang’s mouth suddenly showed a successful smile.
Yes, the reason why he gave Ye Fan such a big hat just now was to win people’s hearts.
As long as public opinion is on his side, then he will really kill Ye Fan next, and then he will follow the will of the people and the people.
At that time, even if the Martial God Temple pursued him, there was no reason.
Lu Songliang has always taken fame and morality very seriously.
Mutilating compatriots is ultimately a detrimental approach to declaration.
But now, morality is on his side, he killed Ye Fan, Yan Xia martial arts, naturally no one blamed him.
On the contrary, he will gain another wave of fame and prestige by this.
Yes, in fact, Lu Songliang had been murderous since he learned that the person in front of him was Ye Fan.
Of course he knew what Ye Fan came to revenge for this time.
From the moment they instructed Lu Hua to enter Jiangdong and dominate Ye Fan’s foundation, they had already had an irreconcilable conflict with Ye Fan.
Before, the Lu family thought that Ye Fan had fallen, so they didn’t care about it.
But now, since Ye Fan came back alive, Lu Songliang naturally wanted to take this opportunity to avoid future troubles.
Otherwise, it would be uncomfortable for anyone to be worried about by a titled master.
Now, the strategy has succeeded.
Lu Songliang naturally didn’t need to hesitate.
He raised his head, and there was majesty and pride in his old face.
“Master Wushuang, can you hear the voice of the people?”
“You offended the Martial God Temple, blasphemed my martial arts beliefs in the summer, and now you threaten to slaughter my Lu family.”
“You are tyrannical, bloodthirsty, domineering, and rebellious. It can be said that the law of heaven is too much!
“Now, I take the meaning of my people in the summer and walk the way for the sky.”
“It just so happens, let today’s battle be my famous battle for Lu Songliang’s worldwide fame.”
“Use your blood to shape my glory!”
The sound of majesty resounded across the sky.
As we spoke, the world began to boil.
The surging power, as if being summoned, gathered towards the top of the West Lake, frantically.
And the aura in Lu Songliang’s body is also climbing at a terrifying speed.
There is violent wind surging around, and the lake below your feet is like a vast sea.
Countless water waves condensed into layers of mist at this time.
In the hazy mist, Lu Songliang stood proudly.
Looking from a distance, it looks like a fairy, standing among the clouds and mist, banished like a fairy.
Looking at the scene before him, countless people looked at Lu Songliang’s eyes, undoubtedly showing more respect.
“As expected of the titled master.”
“I haven’t made a move yet, but the power of my body is already surging like a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčabyss.”
“If Lao Lu makes an all-out effort for a while, how terrifying and magnificent would the power be?”

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