A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2891

As for the place where Ye Fan stood, it was already empty.
It seems to disappear!
“What about the juniors?”
“Could it be that you escaped?”
Looking at the empty place ahead, all the people present were lost and looked around curiously, seeming to be looking for the trace of Ye Fan.
Lu Songliang looked around, he looked down at everyone, but he smiled proudly: “No need to look for it.”
“Under my sword, how can the junior compete?”
“It’s already gone!”
“The fanatics are gone, the scum is gone.”
“In the future, you can sit back and relax~”
Lu Songliang said proudly.
The majestic sound, like thunder, swept across the world.
For a time, the whole West Lake was filled with Lu Songliang’s resounding voice.
After hearing this, everyone worshiped.
“Old Lu is really superb!”
“Deserving of the title of “Qingyun”. ”
“Let me wait, congratulations to Lao Lu, punish the madman and walk the way for the sky~”
“Let me wait, congratulations to Lao Lu, punish the madman and walk the way for the sky~”
Knowing that Ye Fan is dead, Lu Hua and others are undoubtedly overjoyed.
Everyone here stepped forward and worshiped in unison.
That sonorous voice and respectful words can be said to converge into a stream, impacting the entire world.
Facing the group of heroes, Lu Songliang stood with his hand in his hand, which was full of spirit.
The whole person seems to have reached the peak of life at this time.
However, just as the voice of worship fell from the crowd, suddenly, a sharp sneer sounded quietly.
“Now that I say this, don’t you think it’s a bit early?”
As soon as these words sounded, they exploded in the void like thunder on the ground.
Everyone present trembled.
Lu Songliang himself, his old eyes suddenly tightened.
“This is the voice of that junior?”
Suspiciously, everyone looked around, but still did not see the young man.
Just when everyone was wondering where did this sound come from.
The original Jiran lake exploded immediately.
The boundless water curtain rises to the sky.
In the cascading waves, a young figure stepped out from under the lake.
There was a smile on the delicate face.
It’s just that, that smile, no matter how you look at it, makes people feel terrifying!
“This this…”
“How is this possible?”
“With the full strength of the old man, you will not die, at least you will be seriously injured.”
“How is it possible, unscathed?”
“tell me!”
“How did you do it?”
Seeing the young man walking slowly in the quiet courtyard.
In Lu Songliang’s old eyes, a solemn color finally revealed.
The sword just now had only one move, but it was Lu Songliang’s strongest force.
What he did was to kill Ye Fan with one blow.
So take this to make yourself famous!
However, Lu Songliang never expected that Ye Fan would not die, and even appeared here unscathed after taking his own sword.
How did this make Lu Songliang not surprised?
However, facing Lu Songliang’s question, Ye Fan sneered.
“You are just a newcomer, so you dare to pretend to kill me?”
“This is Ye Qingtian, the God of War of the Scorching Summer, dare not say it.”
“Vertical arrogant~”
“Even the god of war dare to offend?”
“Just looking for death!”
Ye Fan’s words once again aroused anger among the people.
Lu Songliang’s expression was also completely gloomy: “Smelly boy, it’s really a big tone.”
“However, at a young age, you can survive under my sword. It seems that you do have a bit of pride.”
“However, next, I am afraid that you will not be so lucky.”

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