A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2892

Deep words sounded quietly above the West Lake.
No one knows what kind of murderous intent and anger contained in Lu Songliang’s words?
Then, as everyone saw, Lu Songliang screamed to the sky.
Within a kilometer, the surging heaven and earth energy swept away in the direction where Lu Songliang was.
Then, like a giant whale swallowing water, all that surging energy was swallowed by Lu Songliang into his body.
His whole body swelled up immediately.
As if, a ball being blown up.
As a result, the green veins on his forehead were also very vividly exposed.
“This this..”
“this is…”
“My Lu family’s taboo technique, exploding?”
Seeing Lu Songliang’s situation ahead, Lu Hua’s father was immediately shocked.
He didn’t expect that Ye Fan would push his old father to such a point.
Even the taboo technique is used.
You know, although this explosion technique can greatly increase power in a short period of time, it has great side effects after it is cast, and it takes several years to recover the lost power.
More than that, when this secret technique was used, the danger was extremely huge.
If you are not careful, your whole person will burst like a balloon and die.
It is precisely because of this that this body explosion technique is listed as a forbidden technique by the Lu family, and ordinary tribesmen prohibit chain repair. ,
Even people who have mastered this secret technique will only take risks and use this forbidden technique when they are driven to a dead end.
But now, Lu Songliang has used it.
This undoubtedly means that Ye Fan’s strength has made Lu Songliang extremely jealous.
“This Ye Fan, at a young age, really is so powerful?”
“Forcing my father to use forbidden techniques against him?”
At this moment, Lu Ziming’s heart is undoubtedly a little bit hopeless.
He originally thought that using his father’s hundred years of experience to deal with a junior teenager with a shallow background was not a matter of grasping.
But now, the development of the matter has undoubtedly exceeded his expectations.
At this time, Lu Songliang’s power had reached its extreme.
Lu Songliang, who had swallowed countless strengths, had already swelled like a little giant.
He looked at Ye Fan with a stern face, his hoarse voice was like the sound of crushed stones.
“Junior, can push me to this point.”
“You have fallen here, you are proud enough~”
In angrily, Lu Songliang suddenly stepped onto the lake under his feet.
Suddenly, the waves soared into the sky, and the whole West Lake boiled again.
At the same time, there were nine water columns rising from under Lu Songliang’s feet.
After each water column rushes out, it turns into a water dragon with a length of 100 meters.
The monstrous sweeping, Kowloon soars into the sky.
Lu Songliang fingered the sky, leading the giant dragon of hundreds of feet, and slashed away towards where Ye Fan was.
“Junior, take me a blow, fly the dragon into the sky!”
Whoosh whoosh~
The wind is roaring and the birds are calling.
Under the Tianhe, the nine dragons swept the Tianhe with unparalleled momentum.
However, Ye Fan remained calm in the strong gale.
He looks calm and his face is delicate.
In the deep pupils, the sea of ​​stars is reflected.
Finally, when the nine water dragons were about to fall, the boy here finally moved.
This movement was shocking!

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