A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2895

“You can’t kill me!”
“I am the titled master, I am Zhuguo of the Scorching Summer~”
“You junior, how dare you kill me?”
Looking at the long sword coming in the air, feeling the bone-thinning killing intent from Ye Fan, at this time Lu Songliang finally began to panic.
He stared wide and screamed like crazy.
Not only him, but also the other people on the island in the lake were all shocked.
Especially the special envoy of the Martial God Temple, He Chen, shouted sharply: “Ye Fan, stop!”
“Junior, dare you?”
Many people in the crowd were shouting.
Lu Songliang is highly respected in the martial arts world and won the hearts of the people.
Now that Ye Fan actually wanted to kill Lu Songliang, everyone present naturally couldn’t help but discouraged.
However, how can they stop Wushuang’s title killing?
The next moment, I just heard a stab.
A cold light flashed by immediately.
In Lu Songliang’s shocked and violent pupils, the sharp sword, like a knife cutting tofu, instantly penetrated Lu Songliang’s head.
Lu Songliang, who was after the taboo, was already at the end of his life.
Facing Ye Fan’s attack, he was naturally vulnerable.
Red blood, like blood gushing.
In the end, the long sword wrapped Lu Songliang’s body and directly nailed him to the stone pillar on the island.
The hot blood dyed the banner on the stone pillar red.
On the banner, there were four words for title ceremony.
It’s just that, looking at it now, the four words of dragon and phoenix are so ironic.
Dead still.
Deathly silence!
Everyone here trembled silently.
Everyone’s eyes widened, looking at the scene in disbelief.
Who could have imagined that Lu Songliang, who had just regained his great power, would fall like this?
It is estimated that Lu Songliang himself did not expect that the title ceremony that allowed him to ascend to the pinnacle of power and power would become his own memorial.
He repaired the chain for a whole life, closed for a hundred days, and shortly after breaking through the border, he was beheaded.
Great irony.
If he had known this long ago, it is estimated that Lu Songliang was killed in the first place, and he would not acquiesce to Lu Hua to provoke Jiangdong forces.
“Grandmaster Qingyun, just… just die like this?”
After a long period of silence, in this world, there were only a series of air-conditioned voices, quietly sounded.
Everything just now happened too fast.
From Ye Fan’s shot, to a strong crush, to Lu Songliang’s instant defeat, and even Ye Fan’s sword pierced his head.
Almost all of this happened between sparks and sparks.
You know, a few minutes ago, they were still cheering for Lu Songliang, congratulated him on reaching the title and congratulated him on his great accomplishment.
But with this short amount of effort, Lu Songliang, who was still glorious just now, has become Ye Fan’s dead soul.
All this happened so suddenly that everyone was caught off guard.
Some people even thought it was just an illusion, but they were wrong.
Ye Fan was dead, and Lu Songliang was the one who laughed last.
However, their eyes rubbed again.
It was discovered that the man nailed to the stone pillar was still the old Patriarch of the Lu family, Lu Songliang.
Only at this moment did they realize that Lu Songliang had really fallen.
“How is this possible?”
“Then Ye Fan, how can he be so strong?”
“His age, is he not older than us?”
“God, this is a monster, isn’t it?”
Among the crowd, Yang Zijiang, Zhang Xinyu and others only felt horrified and talked in incredible ways.
Chu Wenfei on the side was even more uneasy.
Only now, Chu Wenfei realized how powerful Ye Fan’s strength really is.

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