A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 290

A gust of wind swept across, under Ye Fan’s words, like thunder and explosion, the majestic power swept all over the place.
Under Ye Fan’s power, everyone changed their colors in shock.
Even like Lei’s old third Wang Jiexi and others, they found that under Ye Fan’s power, they had an urge to fall to the ground and worship.
Oh my god~
Is this Ye Fan really just a young man in his early twenties?
Just this boldness and courage, even Jiangdong Wang Chen Ao, can’t match it!
When everyone in Jiangdong hesitated, Li Lao Er was the first to walk out.
He clasped his fists, bent over, and respectfully bowed to Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu is majestic, and Jiangdong is dominated by Mr. Chu. It is my Jiangdong’s fortune.”
“After today, my second child, Li, would like to represent Jiangdong Yunzhou and honor Mr. Chu!”
After the second child of Li, the third child of Lei hesitated for a moment, stepped forward, and bowed again: “I am in Jingzhou, Jiangdong, and I would like to be the master. In the future, I am the third child of Lei, only Mr. Chu, and the head of the horse is looking forward!” m.
After the two expressed their allegiance, Jiangdong Chen Ao also stepped forward, bowing his head to Ye Fan, and respectfully worshiping: “I, Chen Ao, on behalf of Jiang Hai, I hope that Mr. Chu will be the lord of Jiangdong!”
“Mr. Wei, the head of the horse is looking forward!”
Like a huge boulder like a sea, set off a thousand-layer huge waves.
After Chen Ao and the others walked out, the other leaders of Jiangdong also moved forward and bowed to Ye Fanqi. The voices of respect and awe, but they converged and impacted the entire hall.
Seeing this scene, everyone in the stands trembled and lost their voices.
Many people know that after today, a new era in Jiangdong will undoubtedly begin.
Before that, when the two tigers competed in Jiangdong Land, Zao Wou-ki and Chen Ao fought openly. And the appearance of Ye Fan undoubtedly completely ended the previous confrontation between the east and the west in Jiangdong, and completely unified Jiangdong.
From then on, there was only one voice left in the land of Jiangdong.
That is, Ye Fan’s voice alone!
In Taishan Wuhui, Wu Herong came across the sea and killed several people in a row, causing a huge wave in the entire Jiangdong. Under his power, Xinghe fled without a fight, and Meng Baichuan was kicked to death with two punches and kicks.
Wu Herong’s supernatural power trembled the entire Jiangdong!
However, just when everyone was desperate and the life and death of Jiangdong Land was at a critical juncture, one person stood up resolutely.
To turn the tide, the one who helps the building will fall.
With absolute majesty, Ye Fan sealed his throat with a sword, completely ending Wu Herong’s sinful life.
So majestic? So powerful?
The whole Jiangdong, who can still refuse?
In the Jiangdong battle, Ye Fan undoubtedly became famous in the first battle!
“Ye Fan, you are right, why have you been in the dark?”
“You are so radiant, where you are, there is light!”
Looking at the man in white clothes who was worshipped and respected by countless bigwigs in the ring, Li Xiaohong whispered softly, and there was endless brilliance and shock in her beautiful eyes.
Before that, everyone thought that Ye Fan’s previous words were juvenile arrogance.
However, until this moment, Li Xiaohong and others didn’t really know what kind of existence Ye Fan was standing before them? !
On the other side, Susie in the corner is also full of worship, looking at the blurred back in the hall that has attracted much attention. In her eyebrows, there is endless respect and yearning: “Orange, after today, this Mr. Chu, I’m afraid it’s going to be famous for Jiangdong~”
Susie was full of emotion and admiration, how hopeful that she could be favored by herself and become this Mr. Chu’s woman.
“That’s sure, make all women in the world jealous~” Su Qian sighed with emotion.
However, no one noticed that at this moment, the stunning woman beside Susie had a pair of beautiful eyes staring at the back, her whole body trembling.

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