A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2907

Of course, the riots on Lu’s side did not last long.
As a group of mysterious visitors took over the scene, not only did they disperse the surrounding crowd of onlookers, but also sealed off an area with a radius of one kilometer centered on the ruins of the Lujia Manor.
In the end, perhaps because of the lack of manpower, dozens of police cars even drove to cordon all the surrounding intersections and prohibit anyone from approaching.
The scene from the Lu family’s side was quickly brought under control.
“Chairman Zhang, you have already dismissed all the idlers within a kilometer of a kilometer.”
“Furthermore, we have already greeted the municipal party committee and asked them to help suppress this matter and not make it public.”
Before the ruins, a white-haired old man stood.
This person has a solemn face, standing with his hand in front of the Lu’s gate, silent for a long time.
Behind him, a young man was reporting to him the situation here.
If Lu Hua were here, he would definitely recognize that the white-haired old man in front of him was Zhang Jiuling, the president of the Jiangbei Budo Association.
In Jiangbei, according to seniority, Zhang Jiuling is actually above Lu Songliang, the old man of the Lu family.
But Lu Songliang came to the top, not only stepping into the realm of the master, but now he is still in the title.
Therefore, in terms of strength and prestige, Lu Songliang is far ahead of this nine-year-old.
After all, apart from one generation, Zhang Jiuling’s strength is not enough for a master.
But although he is not as good as Lu Songliang, he is more than enough to be the number two figure in the Jiangbei martial arts world.
In recent years, Zhang Jiuling may have been stimulated by Lu Songliang. Although people have entered their twilight years, they are still working hard to repair the chain and strive to step into the realm of masters.
Therefore, in recent years, Zhang Jiuling has also stayed simple, and his presence in Jiangdong Budo has gradually diminished.
Even today, Zhang Jiuling declined to participate in Lu Songliang’s title feast.
He felt ashamed.
I think that when Zhang Jiuling was the president of the Jiangbei Budo Association, Lu Songliang was just a small person.
Now that several decades have passed, Lu Songliang has already entered the title, but Zhang Jiuling still walks in place.
Sometimes thinking about it makes Zhang Jiuling feel ashamed.
However, things are unpredictable.
Earlier today, Zhang Jiuling still felt that in this life she was afraid that she would be left behind by Lu Songliang, but who would have thought that in just one day, the Lu family suddenly appeared
What happened?
After receiving the information, Zhang Jiuling immediately concluded that the disaster of the Lu family must have been done by the martial artist.
Therefore, in order to cause unnecessary panic in the secular world, Zhang Jiuling used the power of the president of the association to immediately order the blockade.
“But who would it be?”
“If the entire manor can be razed to the ground, there is no one in the Lu family. At least the strength of this person must be in the realm of a master.”
“Furthermore, being so cruel, I’m afraid that he has a lot of deep hatred with the Lu family, right?”
After hearing the report from his subordinates, Zhang Jiuling nodded.
Then, looking at the ruins in front of him, he couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.
Zhang Jiuling, as a man of Jiangbei martial arts, naturally knows the strength of the Lu family’s martial arts.
In addition to Mr. Lu, there are many innate and advanced talents in the Lu family.
Even if Elder Lu is not in the family at this time, the remaining martial arts power of the Lu family can never be trampled by any strong person.
Anyway, Zhang Jiuling asked herself that he couldn’t do it.
“Forget it, let the Lu family solve this kind of thing by themselves.”
“Let’s find someone first and tell Elder Lu what happened to the Lu Family Manor.”

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