A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 291

“Orange, what’s wrong with you?”
“Are you more excited than me?”
“Are you also convinced by Mr. Chu’s power and majesty?”
“Yes, since ancient times, beautiful women love heroes. Mr. Chu is now completely famous in Jiangdong in the first battle. In the future, the power in Jiangdong will be unmatched.”
“If you can become his wife, you will definitely become the happiest woman in the world?”
Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s body trembling with excitement, Susie couldn’t help sighing.
When she said this, her beautiful eyes were still fascinatingly looking at the thin back surrounded by Jiangdong bosses, and her exquisite pretty face, full of infatuation and yearning.
“Orange, I really want to squeeze in front to see what Mr. Chu looks like.”
“But although we can only see Mr. Chu’s back now, but with such a tall figure and thin body, I promise that Mr. Chu’s face is definitely not different.”
“Did you know that a man is handsome or not, it depends on the temperament of seven points, and the figure of two points, the last point is the value of the face.”
“Just look at the back of Mr. Chu, this temperament, at least nine points.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“But I still want to go over and see how Mr. Chu really looks~”
“It’s all my nasty brother who gave us a ticket so far behind.”
“I’m so mad~”
Susie couldn’t help complaining, because of regret and anger, she was almost crazy.
How big is the Taishan Guild Hall? Susie and Qiu Mucheng sat in the corner of the last row, so all they saw from the beginning to the end was only a vague figure of Mr. Chu, even wearing him. Neither of them could see clearly what brand of clothes they had, let alone see the true face of the husband.
However, when Susie was complaining, beside him, Qiu Mucheng, who had been trembling with her tender body just now, suddenly stood up for some reason and ran to the ring in the center of the hall desperately. .
“what are you doing?”
“Are you crazy?”
“I just said nonsense, do you really dare to run up?”
After seeing Qiu Mucheng’s behavior, Susie went crazy.
She always thought that Qiu Mucheng was a steady and introverted girl, and things like chasing stars had nothing to do with Qiu Mucheng. Even if the most smashing stars on TV appeared in front of Qiu Mucheng, Susie could guarantee that Qiu Mucheng would definitely be indifferent and would not even look at it.
But today, Qiu Mucheng’s actions have undoubtedly greatly exceeded Susie’s expectations.
He didn’t expect that, just now he casually said that he wanted to run forward to see Mr. Chu’s lineup, and Qiu Mucheng actually went up.
Susie was terrified at that time.
What is the occasion here?
A place where big guys gather.
Li Erye and Lei Sanye are here.
People here take out any of them, and they are all giants who dominate the party.
Even if Susie’s father is not an ordinary person, it is because she knows herself. He knows that even with her identity and background, these people today are definitely something she can’t provoke.
Even her is like this, so why not talk about Qiu Mucheng?
“Orange, come back soon!”
“Don’t go~”
“We can’t afford to offend these people?”
“It will even bring disaster to our family~”
Susie stood up and wanted to hold Qiu Mucheng, but Qiu Mucheng didn’t know what was wrong, she shook off Susie’s blockade forcefully, and ran forward desperately.

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