A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2920

“The King of Fighters is right. Talent is not virtuous. In the future, you will really have the potential to reach the top ten. For China, it is by no means a good thing, but a disaster.”
“If this is the case, why should I keep you?”
“The King of Fighters, according to the previous plan, go ahead.”
“I order you to use thunder means to capture this son and imprison him in a martial arts prison.”
“If he resists, kill him!”
“But remember, keep his whole body.”
“After all, he is a person valued by the God of War, so he should be a little bit of face to the God of War.”
The Juggernaut waved his hand, and the cold words were like the final judgment.
Directly to this world, announced Ye Fan’s death sentence.
“Juggernaut, it should have been this way!”
“This son is morally corrupt and rebellious. Taking advantage of his lack of wings at this time, he should be cut off as soon as possible!”
“Otherwise, it would be a problem for raising tigers.”
“When the weather is ready for him in the future, we just want to get rid of it but can’t get rid of it.
The King of Fighters laughed, and then burst into power, and immediately shook Tang Hao beside him.
Then, there was a loud noise.
Mo Gucheng, the King of Fighters, stepped on the ground, soaring into the sky.
Overwhelming power, all blooming.
Between Tianhe, the King of Fighters stood in the air, and his anger echoed constantly.
“Junior, the era of your martial arts and prestige should also end.”
“That’s it!”
“Tonight, I will use your blood to pay homage to the heroes who died in your hands on the West Lake.”
On the top of Yanshan Mountain, the King of Fighters thundered.
At the same time, within a kilometer of a radius, the surging power seemed to be summoned, and the madness seemed to gather under the palm of the king of fighters.
The Tianhe trembled and the mountains and rivers cracked.
The supreme power of the King of Fighters was undoubtedly released at this time without reservation.
too long.
The King of Fighters has been at ease for too long.
Since the catastrophe of Chumen, Huaxia Martial Arts has experienced a long period of peace and stability.
The King of Fighters, Juggernaut, and others have not shown their majesty for decades.
The King of Fighters had already suffocated his heart.
This time, for Mo Gucheng, it was undoubtedly a rare opportunity for decades to show off his power.
Therefore, he naturally went all out.
Strive to defeat Ye Fan with a single blow, with the power of the Zhuangwu Temple.
At the same time, it also informs the world that the majesty of the six pillars of China is still there!
The former six titles of China, are they not old yet?
It also tells the people of the world that the majesty of the Six Pillars Kingdom of their Wushen Temple is by no means a rising star that can provoke and ignore.
Seeing the majestic momentum of the King of Fighters ahead, Ye Fan’s expression remained calm.
There was no panic or solemnity in his eyebrows, but instead he shook his head and smiled.
“Now, do you still want to shelter them?”
“War God Temple? Six Pillar Kingdom? But it doesn’t even distinguish right from wrong, after all, it’s nothing more than that.”
“You don’t want to hand it in, then I will take it myself.”
“Today, I will behead the Lu family father and son.”
“The one who stopped me, die!”
The cold wind was rolling, and there were chaotic leaves flying between Tianhe.
At this time, Ye Fan’s last bit of patience finally disappeared.
Before losing him, he had some expectations for the Martial God Temple.
But now it seems that he took it for granted.
After all, they are a group of pedantic people. In their eyes, there is only face, only majesty, only elders and inferiority, and only a doorway.
Why should he respect such a martial arts temple?

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