A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2926

Facing the question of the God of War, the King of Fighters looked away, and the tone of his words suddenly became a little vague.
Obviously some guilty conscience.
“God of War, about the original case, I carefully let people investigate.”
“Nalu Hua just loves Ye Fan’s wife, nothing more.”
“A fair lady, a gentleman is so charming.”
“This kind of thing is human nature.”
“Don’t you also have a nostalgia for the master of Chumen?”
“Therefore, at that time, I agreed with several martial arts colleagues that although Young Master Lu was at fault, he did not die from the crime. We punished him and saw that he was remorseful, so we forgave him.
His life. ”
Mo Gucheng explained repeatedly.
However, he did not tell the God of War that Lu Songliang, the old man of the Lu family, came to visit with his treasures to mediate and manage relations.
Ye Fan was already dead at that time. Compared with the Lu Family, Ye Fan’s relatives were naturally insignificant.
Therefore, the warriors who were responsible for the trial of Lu Hua at the beginning also gave Lu Songliang a favor, and after punishing Lu Hua for a while, they released him.
Naturally, Mo Gucheng would not tell the God of War about these hidden feelings. Now he only said that Lu Hua was not guilty of death, so he saved his life.
“Did you really let him go?”
“It’s a nonsense!”
“He has ten thousand reasons for coveting the widow of a martyr, which is also a capital crime.”
“How can you release him?”
“It was your connivance that made him unrepentant. After returning, he became even more troublesome.”
“How is it now?”
“People, Ye Fan, came to avenge you, do you think you should make friends or not?
“Today’s situation, I don’t think Ye Fan, everyone is thanks to you!”
Ye Qingtian was almost furious.
He didn’t expect that Mo Gucheng and the others would actually release Lu Hua on their own terms.
Before Ye Fan said that the Lu family murdered his relatives and invaded Jiangdong’s foundation, Ye Qingtian was still a little unbelievable.
But now it seems that it can’t be wrong.
It must be that after Nalu Hua escaped the sanctions, he wanted to retaliate, so he continued to intensify the disaster.
His parents and relatives were murdered and murdered, and the God of War himself estimated that it would be difficult to calm down.
Now Ye Fan rushed to the crown and killed Yanshan, which was undoubtedly excusable.
It’s the King of Fighters, they are simply stupid.
Fortunately, he is still such an old age, could it be possible that the whole living dog had gone on his body?
“God of War, you… how can you say that?”
“People are killed by that junior, what does it have to do with me?”
Ye Qingtian’s words were too heavy, and the King of Fighters was pale and retorted in a stern face.
However, perhaps because of a guilty conscience, the King of Fighters didn’t speak very loudly.
God of War was too lazy to care about him.
Give him a stern look, it seems that I will say it again, and I will clean up you later.
“Ye Fan, this matter, my Martial God Temple is indeed at fault.”
“During the period of your accident, we failed to protect your relatives, and you have worries about the future. This is the negligence of my Martial God Temple.”
“Here, I, Ye Qingtian, apologize to you on behalf of the Martial God Temple!”
“Don’t worry, I will handle this personally.”
“Within three days, justice will be given to you.”
“As for you, first go back to Jiangdong to be with your family.”
After clarifying the ins and outs, the dissatisfaction of the God of War with Ye Fan has undoubtedly disappeared, but the words are full of guilt and debt.
After all, this matter is Ye Fanzhanli.
He asked Ye Fan to go to America to snatch Yuan Ling Guo.
Out of the righteousness of the country, Ye Fan rushed to the rainforest for a long distance to fight for the country. In the end, he fell into a desperate situation and was besieged by all countries.
Ye Fan was right. In this matter, he was worthy of Yan Xia, and Yan Xia owed him.

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