A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2928

“Oh my God..”
“This guy is crazy, right?”
“Where are the God of War and Sword Saint?”
“He doesn’t want to live anymore…”
Although Ye Fan hasn’t taken a shot yet, seeing the situation in front of him, everyone around him is dreadful.
Everyone was almost insane.
They never thought that the young man in front of them was so bold.
In front of the Four Pillar Kingdoms, he dared to say such cruel remarks, and seeing that, he really wanted to go directly to the God of War and the others.
“Ye Fan, what are you doing?”
“Are you really crazy?”
“Don’t go back soon!”
Tang Hao was also very scared when he saw this.
Speaking immediately, persuasively.
In the Martial God Temple, apart from the God of War Ye Qingtian, only Tang Hao admired Ye Fan.
It is also out of love to cherish talents, Tang Hao naturally does not want to see Ye Fan do such absurd things.
After all, once Ye Fan really moved his hands, it would really be equivalent to completely standing on the opposite side of the Martial God Temple, standing on the opposite side of the national martial art.
This result was definitely not what Tang Hao wanted to see.
Not only Tang Hao, but God of War frowned tightly at this time.
“Ye Fan, you better think clearly.”
“If you really waited for me today, what does it mean?”
“The temple of the gods and the martial arts in the summer, there is a limit to your tolerance.”
“If you cross the bottom line of my waiting, not only the King of Fighters, but I, Ye Qingtian, can’t tolerate you either!”
Ye Qingtian’s words were low, and his tone was full of warnings and reminders.
Although he appreciates Ye Fan, this is not the reason for Ye Fan’s lawlessness.
Once Ye Fan’s behavior exceeds a certain limit, Ye Qingtian will be reluctant to give up, and will definitely cut him!
A strong man with extraordinary talent is the luck of a country’s martial arts.
However, a strong person who does not abide by the rules is a disaster for the national martial arts, and even for the world martial arts!
“Bottom line?”
Ye Fan sneered.
“You crossed my bottom line first!”
After the words fell, Ye Fan’s momentum suddenly exploded.
Then, under the Tianhe, a dazzling golden light rose to the sky.
Amid the roar of dragons and tigers, the body of the dragon god was suddenly released.
An incomparable majesty swept the entire world like a torrential river.
“Did you see it too?”
“This kid doesn’t know good or bad.”
“If this is the case, why should we bear it anymore?”
“Just kill him on the spot!”
The King of Fighters gave a low cry, and he rushed out again, who had endured it for a long time.
The Sword Saint also shook his head and said, “God of War, this kind of person is not worthy of your protection.”
“My hot summer martial arts, and I don’t need protection from this class.”
“We have done our best, but he doesn’t know how to cherish.”
The Juggernaut spoke slowly, and then, when he saw a long sword, it flew from the Martial God Temple behind him to his hand.
The sharp blade reflects the cold light.
Seeing that, the Juggernaut is also ready to take action personally to eliminate this disaster for the hot summer.
Ye Qingtian was silent for a long time. He glanced at Ye Fan for the last time, and then nodded: “If he does, then it’s up to you.”
After speaking, Ye Qingtian turned his head and didn’t want to look again.
It was at this time that Ye Fan’s power had already gathered, and a giant palm was about to fall towards the King of Fighters and others in front.
However, just at this moment, under Yanshan Mountain, a black off-road vehicle rushed up like crazy.
Then, the car door opened, and a woman with a panic face rushed down with unparalleled worry.
With red eyes, she cried at Ye Fan from a distance: “Ye Fan, don’t~”

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