A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 293

However, Qiu Mucheng was disappointed after all.
When he rushed out of the security guard, the place where Mr. Chu and others were originally standing was already empty.
In the end, Qiu Mucheng didn’t see Mr. Chu’s true face, and was again controlled by the security guard who followed.
reception hall.
Ye Fan sat peacefully with Chen Nan by his side.
Chen Ao, Li Er and others are also there.
In the room, there was no sound, only the cold wind outside the window was blowing slowly.
In front of everyone, Zao Wou-ki and others were pale, standing there with their heads bowed, and there was still a little blood on the expensive suits.
That was just when Wu Herong was kicked off the ring by Ye Fan and splashed on Zao Wuji.
Ye Fan’s majestic power has undoubtedly scared Zao Wou-ki. ,
At this moment he was standing there, trembling, where there was the slightest majesty when he first came to Anning County to face Ye Fan. First URL m.
“Old stuff, don’t you knelt down for Mr. Chu!”
Li Lao Er sneered, then walked forward and kicked Zao Wou-ki again.
“Li Er, do you dare to kick me? I’m the leader of Jiangdong…”
“First you are paralyzed!”
As soon as Zao Wou-ki was halfway through his words, Li Er slapped him up again, his cheeks crooked.
“I thought it was the original Jiangdong now?”
“Today’s Jiangdong respects Mr. Chu.”
“Mr. Chu said that you are the richest man in Jiangdong, so what are you special. If Mr. Chu disagrees, you are nothing special!”
While speaking, Li Er slapped his backhand and slapped him again, directly slapped Zao Wou-ki’s left cheek.
“It’s so cool!”
Li Er seemed to be addicted, and slapped Zao Wou-ki wildly with the left slap and the right slap.
In the past, Zao Wou-ki was the richest man in Jiangdong and his power was overwhelming. One year Li Er even offended Zao Wou-ki. At that time, Zao Wou-ki bullied others and ordered his men to slap Li Eryi directly.
“Zao Wou-ki, I endured that palm.”
“Because I know that sooner or later, I will double you back.”
“Now, I did it!”
Li Er grinned, and kicked Zao Wou-ki to the ground again.
The subordinates of Zao Wou-ki next to him just watched, panicked, and dare not say a word of nonsense.
After all, Ye Fan was watching from the side.
Ye Fan’s fierceness, they had already seen it before, in front of him, who would dare to make a mistake?
After all, Zao Wou-ki acknowledged him, knelt on the ground, and apologized to Ye Fan in panic: “Chu…Mr. Chu, I used to have no eyes and no knowledge of superiors. I also hope that Mr. Chu has a large number of adults and bypass me this time. ”
“In the future, I, Zao Wou-ki, will only look forward to Mr. Chu’s head, and I will say nothing.”
Zao Wou-ki’s sad voice echoed throughout the room.
Ye Fan did not answer, but peeled a grape and handed it to Chen Nan beside him.
“Thank you, Brother Xiaofan~” Chen Nan smiled, her beautiful eyes bent into crescents.
The second Li, who was watching this scene, was beating his chest. He secretly scolded Chen Ao, the old fox, who was really scheming. Even he admired this beauty’s plan.
Mom, he didn’t expect that before, just like Chen Ao, he should also bring his sister here, so as to get closer to Ye Fan.
“Chu…Mr. Chu, do you reply?”
Zao Wou-ki was almost crying, like the prisoner waiting for trial. This kind of unknown waiting is undoubtedly the most terrifying.
After a long time, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “I am the only one looking forward?”
“On loyalty, do you think you are better than Li Er?!”
“On the wrist, are you better than Chen Ao?!”
“On family background and energy background, are you better than Lei San?!”
“There are many capable people in Jiangdong, and I have people under Ye Fan who are better than you. Do you think, what use is there for me to keep you?!!!”
Ye Fan asked repeatedly, but the words were cold and powerful.
The vigorous words, as if the golden stone fell to the ground, shook the whole room with sound.
The old face of Zao Wou-ki was pale, humiliating, panic, and he bowed down and begged: “Mr. Chu, no~”
“I’ll give you money, and half of my assets from Zao Wou-Ki are offered with both hands. I only ask Mr. Chu to go around me~”
Zao Wou-ki bowed in fear and begged each other sadly, but Ye Fan sneered sneer wherever he could spare him.
“Half of assets?”
“What a joke.”
“Do you think you are still qualified to say this to me?”
Ye Fan asked back, and continued to drink coldly: “Zao Wou-ki, you are so wrong, and you are making me wrong.”

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