A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2930

In this case, even if Lu Tianhe is far away in Jiangdong, it is difficult for him not to know.
Therefore, after learning that Ye Fan had caused a terrible disaster, Lu Tianhe contacted his friends in the Martial God Temple and asked about the situation in detail.
Soon he learned that Lu Hua, Lu Ziming and his son had already hid in the Martial God Temple in order to escape pursuit.
At that time, Lu Tianhe’s old face turned green!
Knowing Ye Fan for so long, he knew very well what Ye Fan would do next.
That is to directly kill the dignitaries of the Martial God Temple.
Perhaps many people dare not even think of this kind of crazy behavior.
But Lu Tianhe said that the young man not only dared to think, he also dared to do it.
Therefore, in order to prevent Ye Fan from invading a greater calamity, Lu Tianhe directly took Qiu Mucheng and ran into Yanjing overnight.
As the saying goes, you must tie the bell to untie the bell.
In this whole world, the only one who could stop Ye Fan was Qiu Mucheng alone.
However, facing Lu Tianhe’s persuasion, Ye Fan still had no intention of changing his mind.
“I said, I have no intention of being an enemy of the Martial God Temple.”
“This is what they forced me.”
“Lv Hua must die today, no matter who stops?”
The sound exploded, setting off wind and sand in the sky.
Seeing a big battle is inevitable.
Suddenly, only a clear sound was heard.
Qiu Mucheng slapped Ye Fan directly.
The world was quiet at that moment.
Lu Tianhe was stunned.
Tang Hao and others were also full of surprises.
As for everyone under His Royal Highness, their eyes widened.
After living for so long, it was the first time they saw that a majestic and all-powerful titled master was slapped in the face by a weak woman.
Thinking about it, I feel incredible!
Not only everyone, Ye Fan was also shocked at that moment.
He looked at Qiu Mucheng with no expression on his face and did not speak.
But Qiu Mucheng’s tears flowed out unsuspectingly.
The slap might have hit Ye Fan, but it was her heart that stung.
“Ye Fan, why, why do you always act arbitrarily?”
“Why have you never heard my words?”
“Why can’t you think about your mother for me?”
“Have you ever considered me your wife?”
Qiu Mucheng cried with tears, grievances and complaints in her heart.
He clearly knew that she was most afraid of losing him, seeing him hurt.
But the young man in front of him still puts himself in danger again and again, and never listens to her advice.
After speaking, Qiu Mucheng began to cry.
The grievance just now turned into endless tenderness.
“Ye Fan, stop, okay?”
“Come home with me.”
“My mother is still waiting for you at home.”
“Please, please?”
“Stop fighting?”
“I have lost it once, and I don’t want to lose you again.”
Qiu Mucheng kept begging with tears like rain.
Lu Tianhe also persuaded him from the side: “Yes, Ye Fan.”
“Come on.”
“Stop being arrogant.”
“The temple of the gods represents the country.”
“Are you going to be the enemy of the whole country with one person?”
Lu Tianhe persuaded bitterly.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, just stood there quietly.
At this time, Ye Qingtian said again: “Ye Fan, as long as you retreat at this time, I will not be blamed for what happened before.”
“People of the Lu family, I will continue to hand it over to the Budo Court.”

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I think Ye Fan should give God of war the benefit of doubt. Let God of War monitor the martial court personally. Thanks for the updates… Can’t wait for the next updates.

Much as I appreciate yr effort to upload more chapters but sincerely someone only reads one chapter and its finished. At least u try and upload like 15 chapters once.

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