A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 294

“Chen Ao, did you bring the coffin that Zhao gave me before?”
“Break his legs in a while, throw it into the coffin, and send it out of Jiangdong.”
“After today, there will be no Zao Wou-ki in Jiangdong.”
Ye Fan’s words were tantamount to giving Zao Wou-ki the death penalty.
Zao Wou-ki was desperate and pleaded, but where did Chen Ao and others give him a chance.
“take away!”
Chen Ao gave an order and immediately let people take Zao Wou-ki out. His words were cold, but there was no mercy at all.
Winners and losers have been so cruel in power struggles since ancient times.
Today, relying on Ye Fan’s prestige, it was Chen Ao who made the last laugh. However, Chen Ao had no doubt that if his status were changed and the situation reversed, his fate would be worse than today’s Zao Wou-ki.
After Zao Wou-Ki was dragged away, Ye Fan immediately instructed Li Er, Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and others to go to the major cities in the east and west of Jiangxi tomorrow to formally take over the industries previously controlled by Zao Wou-Ki.
“Do it in my name.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“I want to see, this Jiangdong land, who else doesn’t accept me?!!!”
What a domineering Ye Fan said, the whole room was filled with anger.
Li Er and others immediately agreed and promised to do it well.
In the past, in the eight cities in the east and west of the Jiangxi Province, Zhao Wuji was the leader, and he was fighting against Chen Ao and others.
Now that Zao Wou-ki has been driven out of Jiangdong by Ye Fan, and there is no leader in the east and west of the Jiangxi realm, Li Er, Chen Ao and others will use Ye Fan’s power to enter the arena and tame Zao Wou-ki’s men.
“Mr. Chu, we brought you these few things that are not eye-catching.”
“Hurry down on your knees!”
After dealing with Zao Wou-ki’s affairs, Ye Fan was about to leave and return to Yunzhou, but the two brothers Jinbao and Yinbao suddenly pushed in and kicked the three men and women in like dogs.
“Chu…Mr. Chu, I…we were wrong, I…we were really wrong~”
These three people are not others, but they are Liu Jiawei and Wang Yu who coveted Chen Nan before and set Ye Fan off.
Seeing Ye Fan, Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei were so frightened that they fell on their knees, begging for mercy.
Upon seeing this, Chen Nan walked forward and smiled softly at Wang Yu and others: “Uncle Wang, Master Liu, I said before that my brother Xiaofan is by no means an underdog, he is a big man you can’t afford.”
“At that time, you didn’t believe it, but instead said that my Xiao Fan brother is a country dick, incompetent waste.”
“Now, are you credible?”
Chen Nan’s words were full of teasing.
“Believe, we believe it.”
“It’s our dogs who look down on people and our mouths are low. Please Mr. Chu, Mrs. Chu, can see Xiaohong’s face, forgive us this time?”
Wang Yu was already crying, snot and tears.
Liu Jiawei on the side also paled with fright.
Until this moment, they did not know what kind of big person they had sinned before?
They were full of regret, and only fear remained in their hearts.
As for Li Xiaohong, she was also kneeling there at this time, her pretty face drooping, and she dared not say a word.
Before, Jinbao and Yinbao had learned from Chen Nan that Liu Jiawei and the others had offended Ye Fan, so they volunteered to arrest these three things that had no way of life or death.
Li Xiaohong 35a7e6ef was with Wang Yu and they were naturally caught together.
“Get up.”
Ye Fan smiled softly, walked over, but gently helped Li Xiaohong up.
“Mr. Xie Chu, Mr. Xie Chu~” Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei thought that Ye Fan was talking to them, and stood up as if they were pardoned.
The two brothers, Jinbao and Yinbao, were another one at a time, and kicked over: “Have you stood there?”
“Kneel down!”
“I~I~” Liu Jiawei both cried, kneeling in panic.
But Ye Fan didn’t embarrass them in the end because of Li Xiaohong’s face, just let them remember a long memory.
When leaving, Ye Fan also specifically called Liu Jiawei: “Master Liu, remember, the Eiffel Tower is from France, and the penguins are from the South Pole. If we can’t remember, then we’d better install less/force.”
“Isn’t it okay to be a calm person, a kind person, and a person who smiles often?”
Ye Fan was sitting on the sofa, smiling lightly, that delicate face was like a harmless teenager.
But everyone here knows what kind of majesty is behind this seemingly ordinary young man and his delicate face?
After the incident, Ye Fan was also ready to return to Yunzhou.
“Mr. Chu, are you leaving in such a hurry?”
“Since you are at the foot of Mount Tai, why not let Nan Nan play with you for two days before leaving?” Chen Ao smiled from the side.
Ye Fan shook his head: “No. The family is angry, so go back and coax it.”
Ye Fan smiled helplessly, and everyone around him also chuckled after hearing it. Obviously, I didn’t expect that Mr. Chu, who was so impressive in Jiangdong, was still such a man who cares for his family.
However, at this moment, someone came in outside the room.
“Mr. Chu, there was a woman in the hall just now. She was crazy, arguing to see you really.”
“I was afraid that she would bump into Mr. Chu, so I controlled her and waited for Mr. Chu to let her down.”

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