A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2955

Jiangdong Province, Yunzhou.
The weather today is exceptionally clear and cloudless.
Even Yunwu Lake, which is often surrounded by clouds and mist, is particularly clear today.
On the vast lake, there are rippling blue waves, reflecting sparkling golden light.
Could it be that the view of the lake has attracted countless citizens to watch it.
However, just when countless tourists were intoxicated by the beauty of Yunwu Lake, among the crowd, a child suddenly pointed to Yunding Mountain in the distance and said in doubt: “Mom, look at that.
There are so many marshmallows on the side? ”
“Besides, it’s still increasing? Is anyone making marshmallows?”
Hearing the child’s words, many people followed.
“I go!”
“Why are there so many clouds?”
“Similar to the sea of ​​clouds?”
“Where is it?”
“Why is it so cloudy suddenly?”
Seeing the scene in the distance, countless people trembled.
In the former Yunwu Lake, although there were some clouds, it was mostly fog made by water vapor.
But at this time, what they saw was a real sea of ​​clouds.
Thousands of white clouds shrouded the front, the original thick and majestic Hundred-Blade Mountain, but at this time only one foot of the mountain remained in the eyes of everyone.
From a distance, it is like a fairy mountain towering over the world.
This sudden appearance shocked countless people.
So many people think that the mountain in front appears out of thin air.
“That… isn’t that Yunding Mountain?”
“It’s where Mr. Chu lives.”
“What happened there?”
“Why did so many clouds gather overnight?”
“Is it possible that Chu first became immortal?”
Among the crowd, someone recognized the mountain after all, and suddenly shouted out in shock.
What’s more, he even suspected Ye Fan had become an immortal.
Soon, the events of Yunding Mountain spread everywhere, causing a sensation throughout Yunzhou City.
In just half a day, countless people gathered at the foot of Yunding Mountain, and the surrounding roads were blocked.
If it weren’t for the manpower arranged by Li Er under Yunding Mountain, it is estimated that these curious people have already rushed to Yunding Mountain to see what happened.
“Keep out, keep the way out~”
“Second master is here, who would dare to stand in the way?”
At this moment, the shouts of Jin Bao and Yin Bao brothers suddenly came from the crowd.
Then, an old man with a bald head in the middle of a suit ran up to Yunding Mountain under the protection of bodyguards.
“Mr. Chu, what happened?”
“You won’t be condemned by the gods?”
“Mr. Chu, you say something, don’t you scare me?”
When Li Er learned of the strange astronomical phenomenon of Yunding Mountain, he was very frightened.
He thought it was God who thought Ye Fan had killed too many people, so he lowered Heaven’s Scourge to attack him.
Therefore, he hurried over immediately.
However, he searched in the villa for a long time, but he couldn’t find Ye Fan, and he was undoubtedly more panicked.
“Second Lord, you…look, is it there, Mr. Chu?”
Just between Li Er’s panic, Jin Bao seemed to have discovered something with endless panic and shock, pointed to the front, and said tremblingly.
Li Er looked up.
I saw a thin figure standing proudly under the sky and between the sea of ​​clouds.
Behind him, tomorrow hangs high.
In front of him, there was a bright light.

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