A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 297

Facing Susie’s words, Qiu Mucheng remained silent from beginning to end, allowing Susie to speak.
Indeed, as Susie said, they could find a hundred and a thousand reasons and convince her that it was not Ye Fan at all.
After all, the gap between the two is too great.
One is a son-in-law who came from a poor family in the country and entered the family of Zhuqiu. And the other is the majestic and famous Mr. Chu.
This gap is like the gap between a beggar and the emperor. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, Qiu Mucheng wouldn’t even dare to think about it.
However, when she saw that back figure last night, she was almost certain that it was Ye Fan.
Even if they had never shared a bed, even if they had never even kissed, Ye Fan’s figure had undoubtedly been deeply engraved in every inch of Qiu Mucheng’s memory after three years of getting along.
so similar!
If it weren’t for that dress, Qiu Mucheng had never seen Ye Fan wear it, otherwise Qiu Mucheng could be 100% sure that it was Ye Fan.
But now, Qiu Mucheng’s only reason to believe that he was Ye Fan was only her own feeling.
This reason is too pale, even she can’t convince herself, let alone convince others. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Therefore, in the face of Susie’s doubts, she did not refute, nor could she refute.
“I go!”
“Mucheng, you don’t think that Mr. Chu is Ye Fan, right?”
“I really convinced you.”
“If you really don’t believe me, then you can call and ask your husband who came.”
“Ask if she is in Yunzhou or Anning County?”
Susie said silently.
Qiu Mucheng hesitated for a long time, maybe she really wanted to verify her feelings, she really had to pick up the phone, and wanted to call Ye Fan.
However, after finding out Ye Fan’s number, she still didn’t have the courage to press it.
If you really just think too much, then that’s all, life will continue as before.
However, if Ye Fan is really Mr. Chu, then how should he face him?
At that time, the lives of her and Ye Fan would have undergone earth-shaking changes.
She might not even have the courage to talk to him.
For a while, Qiu Mucheng hesitated.
“Ouch, let me go!”
“What are you hesitating about, call it.”
Susie was speechless. She really did not expect that the determined and wise girl back then became so hesitant about her mother-in-law after marrying Ye Fan.
In the end, Su Qian was so angry that she grabbed the phone and helped Qiu Mucheng call Ye Fan.
Soon, a voice came from the phone.
“Sorry, the call you dialed is in progress, please try again later!”
Second Austria!
Susie cursed immediately, but Ye Fan was still on the phone.
“Ye Fan, where did you go to waste your money?”
“You want to starve our old couple to death?”
“Don’t get back to cook yet!”
“What a waste.”
“Now that I don’t even cook any food, what use does our Qiu family support you?”
On the phone, there was a sharp curse from Han Ling.
In the past, when Ye Fan was at home, Ye Fan cooked for Han Ling and his wife, and Ye Fan did all housework. If Ye Fan was not at home these days, it was Qiu Mucheng who took over Ye Fan’s job.
Han Ling and his wife did not do anything at all.
According to Han Ling, we have done our best to raise you so big, and now it is time for you to repay us.
Therefore, Han Ling and his wife have been enjoying Ye Fan’s care with peace of mind.
“Mom, I’ll be home soon.”
“Don’t be angry, I will be here.”
Ye Fan said with a nice smile, and then hung up the phone.
However, as soon as the phone on the front foot dropped, Qiu Mucheng on the back foot called again.
Seeing this call, Ye Fan’s expression suddenly shuddered.

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