A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2971

Chu Family, Chamber.
In the room, magnificent.
The dim light was shining, driving away the darkness of night.
Sitting on top of them were all high-ranking members of the Chu family.
At this moment, they looked down at the archives, frowning, and the whole hall was enveloped in a solemn atmosphere.
After a long time, there was an old man in the hall. He slapped the table, raised his head, and shouted at Chu Qitian in front of him: “What the hell is going on?”
“In just a few days, 72 affiliated powers of my Chu family were destroyed overnight.”
“There are fifty-eight other forces that have announced their withdrawal and want to stand on their own?”
“My Chu family hasn’t seen anything like this since the beginning of the school.”
“But now, you have only taken over the Chu family’s industry for a few days, and it’s like this?”
“Chu Qitian, what did you bastard do for me?”
The white-bearded old man uttered angrily, wishing to pick up the crutches in his hand and knock directly on Chu Qitian’s forehead.
Not only him, but the entire senior elders of the Chu family were shocked and angry when they learned of these conditions.
In just a few days, the Chu family lost a hundred and dozens of subsidiary forces.
The combined strength of their losses in the past 100 years has not been as much as these days.
“Second grandfather, I…I don’t know either.”
Chu Qitian lowered his head, speaking in a low voice with fear and guilt.
In front of these elders of the family, the young head of the Chu family is completely less proud and domineering, humble and fearful, like a child who has done something wrong.
“do not know?”
“You have the face to say you don’t know?”
“When Old Han was in charge of family finances, everything was fine.”
“But you have only been in office for a few days, so this happened.”
“As the person in charge, you still have the face to say you don’t know!”
Upon hearing what Chu Qitian said, the elders of the Chu family became even more angry.
These subsidiary forces, although not the foundation of the Chu family.
However, more than half of the financial sources of the Chu family came from these subsidiary forces.
But now, in just a few days, the Chu family has been cut off hundreds of arms. This is undoubtedly a huge blow to the daily operations of the Chu family.
You know, the economic base determines the superstructure.
If financial resources are cut off, the operations of the Chu Family will be greatly affected.
And Chu Qitian, as the steward in charge of the Chu family’s finances, was naturally the first to be held accountable.
Seeing that he was being trained, Chu Zhengliang on the side wanted to help say a few words, but he was not easy to export.
After all, as the head of the Chu family, he can’t cover up his son publicly.
Therefore, there is no alternative, Chu Zhengliang can only continue to question Chu Qitian: “Xiaotian, honestly, what did you do?”
“Okay, how could the affiliated forces of my Chu family suddenly undergo such a big change?”
After Chu Qitian heard this, he almost cried.
“Dad, I really didn’t do anything.”
“I have just taken over this area for only a few months. During this time, I have been in the stage of understanding and familiarization.”
“I really didn’t do anything extraordinary behind your back.”
“Dad, you have to believe me~”
Chu Qitian was very wronged.
He originally thought that his own control of the Chu family’s financial resources was the beginning of his control of the entire Chu family in the future.
However, Chu Qitian never dreamed that such things would happen as soon as he was sitting in this position.
But God knows, he really didn’t do anything.
The meeting was still going on, but as everyone questioned what Chu Qitian had done, someone rushed in outside the room.
“what happened?”
“Didn’t you see the meeting?”
“Do you dare to rush without permission?”
At this time, everyone was angry.

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