A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2972

Seeing someone rushing in without reporting, the Chu family veteran in the hall was furious and sternly scolded.
The man apologized in panic.
“Okay, if you have anything, just talk about it.”
On the high seat, Chu Zhengliang, the head of the Chu family, said in a deep voice.
“Patriarch, yes… from the African side, there is a message.”
“My Chu family is in Africa, and there are 23 more affiliated families, which were destroyed by others.”
“When a family member died, the property was replaced by others!”
“This… how is this possible?”
Everyone was shocked when they heard the words.
Many people’s eyes widened because of horror.
What’s more, he jumped out of his seat in shock.
“What happened to the forces in Africa?”
When things developed to this point, everyone finally realized that something was wrong.
Is it a coincidence that Africa, Asia, and even Western Europe and other affiliated forces of the Chu family in various parts of the world have happened one after another?
It must not be!
“It looks like someone is making trouble from it?”
“Or, is someone trying to attack my Chu family?”
Above the hall, Chu Zhengliang’s old face was uncertain, and he said coldly.
In the words, there is endless connotation of chill.
The palm of his hand clenched unconsciously.
“Yeah, it looks like something is really going on here.”
“After so many years, has anyone finally appeared in this world who dare to provoke the majesty of my Chu family?”
“Suddenly, I was looking forward to it.”
“I really want to see, where did this person who dared to attack my Chu family come from?”
In the audience, the elders of the Chu family were also burning with anger.
In the room, there was an inexplicable fighting spirit burning.
“Give me an order to send the internal guard of the Chu family to investigate everywhere!”
“In any case, you have to get me out of the black hands behind the scenes.”
“For so many years, my Chu family has been unknown. It seems that some people in this world have forgotten the majesty of my Chu family.”
“I really thought, what kind of stinky fish, rotten shrimp, could be scattered on my Chu family?
Chu Zhengliang rose up from his sleeves, a low and sullen voice, resounding like thunder in the entire Chu family hall.
That night, several powerful people from the Chu family left their clan and went to various parts of the world to investigate, hoping to find out who was behind the scenes.
In the end, the meeting ended in this way. Chu Qitian, who was on the cusp of the storm, undoubtedly let out a long sigh of relief.
Fortunately, there was no danger.
Before, Chu Qitian thought that if such a big incident happened in the industry he managed, would he be dealt with by the family law?
“Dad, if it’s okay, I’ll go back and rest first.”
After everyone dispersed, Chu Qitian also left his father.
“you come back!”
“Still resting?”
“After this and other things, you still have to rest?” Chu Zhengliang said fiercely unhappy.
Chu Qitian was immediately helpless: “But I can’t help much either.”
“I am not even a grandmaster.”
“Hmph, you also know that you are not strong enough. I asked you to go to your teacher to study more, did you go there?” Chu Zhengliang asked.
Chu Qitian nodded: “I’m going.”
“According to what you said, I go to Chumen Mountain every week to study from the teacher.”
“But no matter what, I can’t see the teacher at all.”
“It’s been more than half a year, and there are no figures in sight.”
“Huh? I haven’t seen anyone for half a year?” Chu Zhengliang frowned slightly when he heard it.
Speaking of this, Chu Zhengliang suddenly realized that he hadn’t seen Tang Yun, the master of Chumen, for almost a year.
“Retreat?” Chu Zhengliang asked.
Chu Qitian shook his head: “Who knows?”
“Anyway, the teacher has always been like this, and the dragon will never see the end.”
“If you want to see the teacher, it depends on luck.”
Chu Qitian spread his hands and said slowly.

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The dragon gods are working now
They are attacking the vast powerhouses around the world and changing leaders immediately as part of dragon lord’s (ye fan) plan
And the final attack will be on the chumen mountain where the real battle of life and death will begin and the weakest will fave death but the strongest will remain

For sure Ye Fan’s plan is on operation, on the other hand Yu Yan is pregnant she will not assist the Chumen. I can’t wait for the unfolding of the plan

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