A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2976

It can be said that apart from the Yunding Mountain Villa, the entire Jiangdong area, Yejia Manor in front of you, is definitely the safest place.
Next, according to the plan, Ye Fan should also go to the land of Yanjing to build a place for Xu Lei who was sitting there to shelter her.
However, facing Ye Yuyan’s question, Ye Fan shook his head: “Don’t worry, wait.”
“Wait?” Ye Yuyan frowned, a bit of doubt suddenly appeared between her eyebrows.
“Have you asked someone to come?”
Ye Yuyan asked softly.
Ye Fan smiled without saying a word, just fishing in the Gujiang River.
Ye Fan’s reaction undoubtedly made Ye Yuyan more curious.
In the past few days, except for going home to see her parents, Ye Yuyan has been with Ye Fan almost all the time.
She simply couldn’t remember who Ye Fanyue had met.
Moreover, with Ye Fan’s current identity, not to mention the entire Jingzhou, it is the entire Jiangdong that allows him to risk the flight delay and still wait in peace.
I’m afraid there is not one.
“Could it be, Sanye Lei?”
Ye Yuyan thought for a long time, but only thought of the leader of Jingzhou, Lei Sanye, the head of the Lei family.
But thinking about it again is not right.
On the first day Ye Fan arrived in Jingzhou, Lei Sanye had already visited him with his family.
Even a group of high-level leaders in Jingzhou City have come to visit.
In Jingzhou, all the important people who should have come have already come.
Ye Yuyan wanted to break her head, but she couldn’t think of who her cousin was waiting for.
Just like this, another hour passed.
Seeing the setting sun gradually set, the afterglow of the setting sun flooded the world.
Ye Yuyan couldn’t wait any longer, so she continued to ask, “Brother Ye Fan, who are you waiting for?”
“You tell me, I’ll call him to urge him.”
“It’s really late. If you don’t leave, you will really miss the flight.”
Seeing that the time for the flight to take off was getting closer, Ye Yuyan was anxious and urged again.
But Ye Fan still had no intention of leaving.
In the sunset, he sat quietly, fishing in the lone river.
The evening breeze lifted his sleeves.
The tips of his forehead hair also swayed slightly in the wind.
Time continued to pass, just when Ye Yuyan couldn’t help but prepare to urge Ye Fan for the third time.
Finally, the lake in front of me suddenly felt waves.
“He’s here.”
Under the sky, Ye Fan whispered, but it shocked the trees and yellow leaves.
Ye Yuyan immediately raised her head and looked far away.
Sure enough, under the flaming sun, a white figure was stepping on the light and shadow of the setting sun, slowly coming from this far front.
Under the night wind, he fluttered in white.
Between the light and shadow, his forehead flew up.
Romantic and suave, elegant in style.
From his body, the majestic temperament exudes, but it is an involuntary feeling of respect and awe.
What shocked Ye Yuyan even more was that from that person’s mountain, she even felt a kind of majestic and heavy mountain half-emperor.
It seems that behind him is carrying the whole world and the whole summer.
“This this…”
“this is?”
“The God of War of the Summer, the head of the six pillar kingdoms, the strongest martial artist in the country, Ye… Ye Qingtian?”
The moment Ye Yuyan saw the person’s voice clearly, Ye Yuyan was completely stunned.
Although she was light-hearted, she was not qualified to contact people at the level of God of War.
However, she has never eaten pork, she has seen pigs run.
The name of the god of war is Ye Yuyan, a woman, and she is also like a thunderous ear!
What’s more, Ye Qingtian is still the person her teacher Lu Tianhe most admires and respects.
In Lu Tianhe’s home, there is even a personal portrait of Ye Qingtian hanging.
Therefore, at the moment of seeing the person in front of him, his face, his temperament, and even his image and demeanor completely matched with a portrait in Ye Yuyan’s memory.
Yes, he is the God of War in the Summer, Ye Qingtian!
“My God~”
“The people like Ye Fan’s cousin turned out to be the head of the Six Pillar Nation, Ye Qingtian, the strongest in the summer?”
Ye Yuyan’s eyes were shocked, and her heart was wailing.

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