A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2978

Obviously he wanted to accept punishment, but Ye Fan didn’t show the slightest worry and pressure at all. A dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.
His reaction made Ye Qingtian laugh and laugh.
“This is also me, believe it or not, if you switch to the King of Fighters or the Sword Master, based on your tone, what should have been tolerant of you will also become severely punished.”
Ye Qingtian shook his head and smiled.
Ye Fan replied lightly: “Let’s follow them. As long as they have the ability to take my life from Ye Fan, I have no objection.”
Ye Qingtian: “…”
Ye Fan’s words made Ye Qingtian not know how to answer for a while.
This guy is too crazy.
This is still in front of his God of War, if it is someone else, this guy can’t go to heaven.
However, Ye Qingtian also knew Ye Fan’s temperament long ago, which is no surprise.
If Ye Fan wasn’t crazy, he wouldn’t be called Ye Fan.
“Well, I won’t go around with you anymore.”
“I’m here today, not to punish you, you can rest assured.”
“The Jiangbei incident, although there is still some aftermath, it is basically over.”
“As for the Martial God Temple, there will no longer be any substantive punishment on you.”
“Of course, in terms of form, you may behave, and you have to give Jiangbei Budo some explanation.”
“But to be honest, Ye Fan, you stinky kid are really ruthless.”
“Lv Songliang, you just have to kill it. After all, without his instruction and support, then Lu Hua would definitely not dare to do harm to Jiangdong.”
“But I didn’t expect that you would kill all the hundred and ten people in Jiangbei Budo. It took more than a month for the Jiangbei Budo Association to dig out all the corpses from under the West Lake.

“My special envoy sent by the Martial God Temple, you haven’t let go.”
“You’re so amazing, you just press the face of the Martial God Temple on the ground!”
“I’m telling you, this is our scorching summer ashamed of you.”
“Otherwise, based on what you have done, my Martial God Temple has all the six titles, and I have to capture you and give Yan Xia Wudao an explanation.”
Ye Qingtian said more and more angry.
To be honest, since he first learned that Ye Fan had caused so many killings in Jiangbei, Ye Qingtian was undoubtedly very angry, ready to follow Zhuge Liang’s tears and behead the horse.
However, he resisted it after all.
After all, it was their hot summer, and Ye Fan was ashamed first. Thinking about it carefully, what Ye Fan did is justified.
Facing the resentment of God of War, Ye Fan just smiled and didn’t speak.
Perhaps, he just liked the look of God of War who couldn’t understand him, but couldn’t help him.
“You kid can still laugh?”
“Although the Sword Masters can’t help you, but you also missed a great opportunity because of this, do you know?”
“If there is no such thing, I can fully guarantee you to enter the Temple of the Lord Martial Arts and become a permanent palace master like the King of Fighters and the Sword Saint.”
“True to become the master of Yanxia martial arts.”
“But now, it’s all screwed up by you!”
Ye Qingtian shook his head and said, with regrets in his words.
Ye Fan is his most optimistic junior, and he has high hopes.
For so many years, Ye Qingtian has been looking for his successor.
And Ye Fan is undoubtedly this excellent candidate.
He thought about supporting Ye Fan as soon as possible, so that he could be alone as soon as possible.
In this case, even if Ye Qingtian fell in the future, the backbone of the Yanxia martial arts would still be there.
However, Ye Fan’s impulse had disrupted all Ye Qingtian’s plans.
But Ye Fan was very calm: “Thank you God of War for your kindness, but I have said long ago that I am not interested in entering the Temple of the Lord.”
“Don’t talk about the permanent hall master, it is you who gave me the position of the master hall master of the sword saint, I am not interested.”
“I am not here, so why bother you.”

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