A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2988

“You don’t want to?”
“Do you think you still have a choice?”
Gaia stared suddenly, and a word directly dispelled the Li family’s idea of ​​bargaining.
“But you can rest assured.”
“We only supervise your finances, and we won’t possess them.”
“As long as it is used for the normal operation of the company, my Dragon Temple will not interfere.”
“But if we find out that you are still giving money to the Chu family secretly, don’t blame me for taking your lives for being cruel!”
Gaia said in a cold voice, threats in his senran words.
Wherever the Li family dare to speak, they all keep their heads down and dare not speak.
In the face of absolute power, the so-called power and wealth are nothing more than spectacles, vulnerable.
Bang bang bang~
However, just when Gaia was overwhelmed by the cold country Li family and was about to leave, outside the manor, there was clear applause.
Then, a laugh came quietly from outside.
“Your Excellency is such a majesty that can make the first family of the cold country bow their heads to their ears.”
“Late birth can’t help but admire.”
“It’s just that your excellency uses power to suppress people, so it is difficult for a strong man, don’t you think that something is against my martial arts morality?”
“If it is spread out, it will surely make everyone in the world shameless.”
A faint laughter sounded, and soon, a handsome young man with his hands in his pockets walked in leisurely.
“who are you?”
“Dare to be nosy?”
“Could it be the helper from the Li family?”
Seeing this person, Gaia frowned immediately.
Everyone in the Li family was also curious.
The young man smiled and said, “I have nothing to do with the Li family. I just passed by and felt uneasy, so I just said a few words.”
As soon as the young man’s words fell, Gaia slapped him directly.
This palm came suddenly.
So that the young man in front of him had not had time to react, half of his face was swollen, and hundreds of catties of body flew far away.
“Ma De, I will bother you guys who have nothing to do to pretend to be young.”
“Without the ability of our dragon master, can we still get the disease of our dragon master?”
“Pretending to be forceful in front of this king, are you worthy?”
Persian King Gaia cursed with a black face.
If it were before, Gaia might not have been so impulsive, and would fight if he didn’t agree.
But now, Gaia has no scruples.
After all, they were about to climb the Chumen Mountain and fight with the first giants at the time.
Even Trumen and the others dare to fight, but others are afraid of a fart?
If you provoke him, he dare to kick now!
“Asshole, you…you dare to hit me?”
“Are you not afraid of my revenge from the Hot Summer Martial God Temple?”
Mo Wuya was going crazy.
He covered his face and got up from the ground, resisting the humiliation, and shouting at Gaia.
When Gaia heard this, his old face instantly twitched: “Are you from the Yanxia Wushen Temple?”
“Why didn’t you say it earlier.”
“This flood washed the Dragon King Temple.”
“Sorry, sorry, I was sorry just now~”
After learning that the young man in front of him was a warrior in the summer, Gaia’s attitude had changed 180 degrees, and he smiled and apologized politely.
The Li family trembled after seeing this scene.
“Yan Xia is worthy of being a big country in martial arts. With just a name, this person was scared to apologize immediately.”
“However, the power of the Chu family should far exceed the Yanxia Wushen Temple, this person is not afraid of the Chu family, why is he afraid of the summer?”
In the hall, the Li family were puzzled and frightened.
“Hmph, it seems you still know the majesty of my Martial God Temple.”
“For the sake of your sincere apology, I don’t care about you.”
“However, your deeds around me in the hot summer have seriously affected the stability and prosperity of Toya Budo.”
“This time I came here by the order of the King of Fighters and the Juggernaut to ask your Excellency, what on earth do you want?”

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