A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2989

“The King of Fighters and the Sword Saint sent you to question me?”
Gaia couldn’t help laughing when he heard it.
He shook his head and smiled: “You melon baby, when you are young, you want to use someone else’s name to crush me.
“However, even if you are fake, you are using the wrong name.”
“If you use your scorching Wushuang Grandmaster to crush me, I will leave East Asia without saying anything, Gaia.”
“As for the rest of the hot summer, it is not enough to rely on fame to suppress me.”
“It’s not enough to be your God of War.”
Gaia said lightly.
This is definitely not Gaia’s arrogance, but a statement of fact.
His strength may not be as good as that of the God of War, the Sword Saint and others. If he really meets him, Gaia will probably retreat and not offend him.
But now, just relying on their names to shock Gaia is naturally not enough.
However, who could have imagined that when Gaia finished saying this, Mo Wuya in front of him would explode.
“shut up!”
“Do you dare to insult my father and them?”
“What shit Wushuang Grandmaster?”
“It’s just a countryman, a country boy who doesn’t live or die.”
“How good is he, on par with my father and the others?”
Mo Wuya said angrily.
Because of the title, Mo Wuya was full of hostility towards Ye Fan, and he never looked down upon him.
If it weren’t for his father to stop him, when he learned that Ye Fan had come back alive, Mo Wuya would have already killed Jiangdong, and personally experienced Ye Fan’s strength.
He had long wanted to see whether this country boy was worthy of his unparalleled name.
It can be said that Mo Wuya never looked down upon Ye Fan from beginning to end.
Now, when he arrived in a foreign country, he had heard someone exalt Ye Fan in this way, even putting him above his father, Uncle Sword Saint and others.
This undoubtedly made Mo Wuya feel even more angry.
Because this is an insult to his father, an insult to the Lord of the Martial God Temple, and even more an insult to the martial arts in the summer.
Isn’t the Six Pillar Kingdom that has ruled the martial arts in the summer for nearly a hundred years as a humble boy?
After Mo Wuya finished saying this, the temperature in the entire hall obviously cooled down.
Gaia’s expression also became abruptly cold.
“Listening to your tone, it seems that it’s not a good deal with our Dragon Lord?”
Gaia’s deep words sounded quietly, but Mo Wuya couldn’t understand it.
“What Dragon Lord?”
“What are you talking about?” Mo Wuya frowned.
“The Dragon Lord I’m talking about is your strongest title in the summer, Grand Master Wushuang.”
When Mo Wuya heard the words, his eyes twitched.
“It’s nonsense!”
“My strongest title in the summer is my Uncle Ye, Ye Qingtian!”
“Then Ye Fan is just a shameless kid, taking advantage of my serious injury to occupy my title.”
“If I hadn’t been severely injured by that Chu Tianfan, in which round would I get him the seventh title in the summer?”
“These shameless people who take advantage of people’s dangers have already been criticized by thousands of people in my hot summer martial arts. Everyone has them and punish them.”
“Still the strongest title?”
“He’s a fart!”
Mo Wuya cursed with anger.
I don’t know if it is because of jealousy or anger.
When Mo Wuya said these words, his whole body was trembling almost.
“Forget it!”
“You’re an outsider, what good is it for me to tell you this?”
“When I return to the hot summer, I will defeat Ye Fan completely.”
“At that time, you will know how unbearable the so-called Wushuang Grandmaster in your mouth is?”
“Now, I just want to know, what do you want to do when you are slaughtering around my hot summer?”
After a brief gaffe, Mo Wuya quickly calmed down.
These are all internal affairs of the hot summer martial arts, it is not guilty to talk to a foreigner.

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