A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2997

After years of operation, Xu’s industry has long been firmly in his hands by Xu Lei.
All the core personnel were brought by Xu Lei from Jiangdong.
Therefore, even if these so-called clan elders dismissed Xu Lei as the head of the family, this did not affect Xu Lei’s prestige in the family industry.
What’s more, in the entire Yanjing business community, Mr. Chu’s reputation still exists.
On Yanqi Lake that year, Ye Fan showed great power and let all the fellows surrender.
It can be said that as long as Ye Fan’s backing is still there, almost no one can shake Xu Lei’s position in Jiangdong.
However, facing Xu Lei’s words, Xu Meifeng sneered.
“Xu Lei, Xu Lei, you are still as proud and confident as before.”
“However, you really think that if you can rely on a man to take the lead, if you can find a backer, I can’t Xu Meifeng?”
“Yes, you are right.”
“It’s us who are the head of the house. As long as that bastard’s prestige in Yanjing is still there, we can’t help you.
“But, what if someone could replace Ye Fan’s position in Yanjing?”
Xu Meifeng said triumphantly, and the words were full of playfulness and teasing.
Hearing this, Xu Lei frowned suddenly: “What do you mean?”
Faced with Xu Lei’s inquiry, Xu Meifeng did not speak.
Instead, the young man who had been silent on the side stood up. The corner of his mouth looked at Xu Lei with a smile: “Miss Xu Er, it’s meaningless to ask this now.”
“My family Fengfeng will have to discuss family matters with your uncles and elders for a while. Before that, please return the Patriarch’s ring as soon as possible and let Fengfeng keep it for the time being.”
While speaking, the young man in a suit stretched out his hand and placed it in front of Xu Lei.
Waiting for her to take off the Patriarch’s ring in her hand.
That ring is a symbol of the Patriarch of the Xu family, and it has been handed down by the Patriarch of the past generations.
Now that Xu Lei has been jointly dismissed by the family elders, naturally she is no longer qualified to wear this ring.
“Miss Xu Er, please?”
“Don’t delay our time, okay?”
Seeing Xu Lei’s slow motion, the young man in suit urged again.
“who are you?”
“My Xu family’s housework, do you want to interrupt?”
Xu Lei looked at him and sternly reprimanded.
“You sinner, how dare you be so rude to Master Luo?”
“I really thought I could become lawless by becoming the president of the Chamber of Commerce?”
“Let me tell you, Master Luo’s background and majesty are just incomparable with that of the country boy.”
“If he didn’t want to interrupt, then Xu Lei wouldn’t even be worthy of carrying shoes here!”
As soon as Xu Lei’s words fell, the old man Xu Wenqing slapped the table and rebuked.
“Second grandfather, calm down.”
“I don’t care, why are you angry?”
“Don’t ruin your body because of such popularity.”
“Also, you don’t have to call me Master Luo, Master Wei, just call me Xiao Luo.”
“One of the purposes of my visit to Yanjing this time is to be engaged to Meifeng.”
“From now on, we are all a family, so don’t be so polite.”
Wei Luo smiled kindly, but a few words made the old man extremely happy.
“Good thing, good thing.”
“Meifeng can marry you. Those of us who are elders are happy for her in our hearts.”
“Master Luo, you are from a wealthy family, you are a talented person, and you are very proud. It is the pride of our entire family to have a son-in-law like you in my Xu family.”
“It’s like some people, a girl’s house, but without any self-respect, she is the lover of a country boy from a humble background.”
“In the past few years, my Xu family’s old face has been completely lost by her!”
Xu Wenqing said coldly, and when he said this, he almost cursed by name.

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