A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 300

Ye Fan who was good to her before.
“Cici, let’s go back to Yunzhou.”
“It’s been a day since I left, and I feel a little worried over there.”
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng had changed her previous depression, and she became more energetic again.
Obviously, although this trip to Mount Taishan is not long, the effect is obvious.
Susie has also found her new pursuit, and Qiu Mucheng once again gathers her energy and prepares to return to the company tomorrow.
As for Ye Fan, it was very late after returning home, so it was natural that Han Ling and his wife would be scolded.
Ye Fan was used to it, but to Ye Fan’s surprise, Qiu Mucheng was not at home.
Worried, Ye Fan sent Qiu Mucheng a WeChat and asked her where she was.
Qiu Mucheng replied, working overtime in the company.
Obviously, arrogant as Qiu Mucheng, she naturally didn’t want Ye Fan to know that she was in a bad mood to travel and relax because she quarreled with him. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The next day, as soon as the sky came up, Ye Fan went out after finishing the housework.
He asked Xu Lei about the Mufan Real Estate Company.
By the side of Yunwu Lake, when Xu Lei arrived, it was almost noon.
“Mr Xu, what’s the matter, why is his face so bad?”
Seeing Xu Lei today, Ye Fan was slightly surprised.
In his impression, Xu Lei has always been the kind of proud, confident, refined and noble woman. But today’s Xu Lei has a low expression, and her makeup has lost the exquisiteness in front of her eyes. There is a weak paleness on her pretty face, and her whole person is like a pearl covered in dust, without her brilliance.
Xu Lei chuckled, “It’s okay.”
“First of all, congratulations, Lord Jiangdong, Mr. Chu.”
Xu Lei naturally knew all about the Taishan Wuhui.
Ye Fan also smiled: “Mr Xu is really well informed. It has only been one night and he already knew.”
Xu Lei replied: “In the name of Mr. Chu,
Nowadays it has become famous in Jiangdong. I just want to know it, it’s hard. ”
“You’re looking for me, it’s about the new company.”
“Don’t worry, it’s all set.”
“I have prepared the letter of appointment, and I’m just waiting for someone to take office and take charge of the overall situation.”
Xu Lei said softly, but I don’t know why, Ye Fan always feels that Xu Lei today is very worried.
“Well, Mr. Xu thanks.”
“It’s okay, it’s nothing more than I can. If it’s okay, I’ll go first.”
Xu Lei didn’t stay long, and turned around to leave.
“Mr. Xu~” Ye Fan suddenly called her, Xu Lei stopped and looked back at Ye Fan.
“Mr. Xu, you have helped me a lot during this period. If you encounter any difficulties and need help, just say it.”
“Friends, don’t be bored with something,” Ye Fan said in a deep voice.
Xu Lei looked at him, looked at Ye Fan, and asked, “Can you tell me if you help me, in what capacity?”
“Huh?” Ye Fan was puzzled.
Xu Lei continued: “A descendant of the Chu family? Or, Mr. Jiang Dongchu?”
Ye Fan heard this, and his expression immediately sank: “Mr Xu, I think I should tell you again, now I am called Ye Fan.”
“The identity of the descendants of the Chu family is not an honor to me.”
There was a sudden silence here, only the breeze lingered.
After a while, Xu Lei shook her head and smiled: “I really envy you. I can distinguish the relationship with the family so easily.”
“And I was born in a family and grew up in a family. I have too many stigmas from the family. Perhaps from the beginning, my destiny does not belong to me.”
“Ye Fan, it’s an honor to know you.”
When the words fell, Xu Lei turned and left.
The only thing left for Ye Fan is that beautiful and graceful shadow.
Under the shining of the sun, it seemed so lonely.

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