A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3007

Before coming, Xu Meifeng told Wei Luo. Ye Fan is a man of brute force and extremely skillful.
The ability to frighten Yenching’s dignitaries was relying on Ye Fan’s ability.
Wei Luo didn’t care much then.
After all, in his opinion, no matter how strong Ye Fan is, can he still be a man of martial arts?
They Zhonghai Wei family, although not a martial arts family. But in the family, there are many martial arts masters.
It’s a big deal to bring a few more, even if Ye Fan is also a warrior, then he can also win by number.
But the ideal is full, the reality is extremely skinny.
Wei Luo never expected that the good players in his eyes would be so vulnerable.
“Master Wei, how?”
“Now can I apologize to Xiao Lei?”
After Ye Yuyan threw those people in front of Wei Luo like a dog, Ye Fan smiled and asked again.
However, in the faint laughter, there was scorn and play.
Yes, for Ye Fan, a character like Wei Luo is just a small character.
Had it not been for Xu Lei that he didn’t have eyesight, Ye Fan wouldn’t even look at him straightly.
It’s just an ant, even if he dances for joy, Ye Fan won’t care.
However, after a brief period of panic, Wei Luo quickly recovered his calm.
He looked at Ye Fan again and smiled.
“As expected of Mr. Chu.”
“At this age, I’m not an ordinary person.”
“It seems that I really underestimated you.”
“However, you don’t have to be proud.”
“My methods, there are many more.”
“You don’t really think that when Wei Luo enters Yanjing, I only count on these wastes?”
“Wei Luo is cautious by nature, and I will be prepared for anything I do.”
“These wastes are just appetizers.”
“You can eat this “appetizer”, which makes me a little excited. ”
“For so many years, Wei Luo finally met an opponent who can see through.”
“Beating a good opponent will make you feel more fulfilled.”
Wei Luo sneered while reaching out his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, looking at Ye Fan’s gaze, but it was a bit sinister and poignant.
“Don’t worry, I took the kick just now.”
“I won’t wait too long, I will double back you in a while!”
The words were cold, with a strong hatred, slowly ringing in the entire hall.
No one spoke, and no one dared to talk.
Everyone present felt the coldness in Wei Luo’s tone.
“It seems that the country boy really made this young master of the Wei family anxious.”
“It’s a good thing.”
“It’s best to use the power of the Wei family to completely eradicate this bastard to avoid future troubles!”
Xu Wenqing watched this scene from behind, her old eyes were gloomy, and she thought secretly in her heart.
Just now he was worried that Ye Fan would make the matter a big deal and hurt their Xu family again.
After all, the Xu family is not as good as the Zhonghai Wei family.
If something happens to Wei Luo here, the family behind Wei Luo will definitely anger the Xu family.
But now, Xu Wenqing hopes that Ye Fan will make things worse.
In this way, he can borrow the Wei family’s knife to get rid of Ye Fan’s trouble.
“That is, Ye Fan, Xu Lei, don’t be proud of you two dog men and women.”
“If it wasn’t for my brother Luo who sent everyone out, do you think you two are still alive now?”
“The strength of my Luo family is not what you can imagine.”
“You wait, when my Luo brother’s people come back, one of them counts as one, none of you can escape.”
“I want you to die without a burial place!”
When Wei Luo was talking with Ye Fan, Xu Meifeng, who was kicked out of the house by Ye Fan just now, was also supported by others and staggered back to the hall.
However, Xu Meifeng at this time, although her pretty face was pale, her face was already extremely rosy.
In that way, I can’t wait to tear up Ye Fan and Xu Lei.

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