A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3083

He didn’t know what Tang Yun’s yin and yang strangeness meant.
This attitude is not at all like the appearance of a Truman sect master, on the contrary, it resembles a bitter woman who has been bullied.
Moreover, Ye Fan didn’t even understand why the master of the dignified sect, as the strongest man on the list today, would slaughter these unarmed innocent people.
Hundreds of thousands of people are all in ashes and annihilated.
Ye Fan felt a bit vocal about such behavior.
“Never go around me?”
“is it?”
“Mr. Chu is worthy of being the respect of Jiangdong, really majestic.”
“I want to know, how did Mr. Chu not forgive me?”
Tang Yun sneered, with cold eyes, looking straight at the young man in front of him.
“Don’t you want to explain?”
“I will explain to you.”
“I killed them for no reason. It’s just a bad mood.”
“How about this explanation, is Mr. Chu still satisfied?”
Under the Tianhe River, between the courtyards, Tang Yun stands as a legacy.
On that majestic face, there was resentment and anger, and even the tone of his speech was a bit of anger.
“Tang Yun, don’t force me!” Ye Fan squeezed his palms, his words like ice, every word.
“Forcing you?” Tang Yun chuckled lightly.
“Is this forcing you?”
“By the way, I want to tell you that I will not only razing this small town to the ground, but also slaughtering Jingzhou and Jiangdong, leveling down your Ye family old house, and killing your parents and relatives.”
“I want you, a wolf-hearted person, to become a lonely ghost, no longer homeless! No relatives to company!
The cold wind is bitter, engulfing endless chill.
Like an ocean storm, sweeping across the four directions.
In a short time, in the entire courtyard, Sha Fei stone walked away, and the rubble fell to pieces.
However, in the face of Tang Yun’s harsh words, Ye Fan took a step forward and suddenly shouted!
“Tang Yun, dare you?”
The sound was thunderous and deafening.
“Jiangdong is the land of my Ye Fansangzi, and Jingzhou is the former home of my native land. All my dearest relatives are here.”
“If you touch them, I will crush you to ashes!”
Ye Fan’s brows were cold, and there was endless anger in his violent anger.
Drinking in a row, only if the thunder exploded.
An arrogant voice, eyes full of coldness.
The killing intent is surging, and the madness is raging.
In the end, Ye Fan clenched his palms tightly, and said every word: “Tang Yun, don’t force me to kill you!”
When the words fell, the world trembled immediately.
The surrounding temperature has dropped sharply, like falling into an ice cellar!
The gravel plants in the courtyard are all frozen!
It can also be seen from this that what kind of anger is in Ye Fan’s heart at this time.
Everyone has something they want to protect at all costs.
And his parents and relatives were the biggest weakness in Ye Fan’s heart.
Now, Tang Yun has undoubtedly touched the most inviolable Ni Lin in Ye Fan’s heart. How could this make Ye Fan not angry?
“Ye Fan, what I killed was your relatives, and what I destroyed was the former residence.”
“To deal with you, such a heartless person, why should I, Tang Yun, show mercy to you?” Even in the face of Ye Fan’s murderous words, Tang Yun still has no intention of regressing.
Tit for tat.
“you wanna die!”
The sound exploded, and Ye Fan’s anger that had accumulated for a long time finally exploded at this moment.
The surging power, like a tide, overflowed from Ye Fan in all directions.
The earth cracked and the grass fell and flew.
The squally wind that brought up was like an ocean storm.
The majesty of the titled master is undoubtedly revealed at this moment without reservation.
Facing Ye Fan’s endless power, the beautiful woman in front of him still stood quietly.
Her eyebrows are like ink, and there is no joy or sorrow on her beautiful face.
She just stood there with her beautiful eyes looking straight at Ye Fan, never moving away.
However, no one noticed Tang Yun’s red eyes during the storm.

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