A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3085

The cold wind was bitter.
Ye Fan’s cold words were shattered by the oncoming wind.
After speaking, Ye Fan stopped staying and turned away.
Soon, the thin figure of the young man completely disappeared from the end of the line of sight.
There was only Tang Yun left in the world, standing there alone.
Tianhe is full, wind and sand swept across.
Three thousand green silk, messy in the wind.
Tang Yun stood still, but was speechless for a long time. In the ear, only Ye Fan’s sentence was left, and I never saw it again, and kept echoing.
With a few words, to Tang Yun, it was like tens of thousands of knives pierced in his heart.
Really, it hurts.
It turns out that it feels like a heartbreak.
For a moment, Tang Yun really wanted to tell Ye Fan all the truth.
Tell him the purpose of coming to Jingzhou.
Also tell him that they already have children.
However, Tang Yun didn’t say these words in the end.
Especially after hearing Ye Fan’s last unfeeling words, Tang Yun suddenly felt that it was meaningless to say it.
She didn’t want Ye Fan to pity her, and she didn’t want to use a child to keep him.
What she wants is someone who really cares about herself.
It’s not because of debts or other reasons that she is kind to her.
However, I don’t know if it is because of loss or aggrieved.
There were two lines of clear tears, after all, they flowed slowly along Tang Yun’s face.
Falling into the air, it broke into beads and strung into threads.
In the sun, the crystal light is reflected.
It’s heartbreaking.
Yejia Manor, Jingzhou.
It was night, and the manor was brightly lit.
Ye Yuyan and the Ye family gathered together to eat dinner.
But when everyone was eating, they still did not forget to tease the baby in Ye Xi’s brow.
“This little guy, that look like a jade carving, is really lovely~”
“But, sister, isn’t this really Xiaofan’s child?”
“Look at these eyebrows, and this beautiful woman’s tip, they are almost carved out of the same mold as Xiao Fan.”
“It’s so alike~”
Ye Fan’s aunt, Ye Xilan, said happily while pinching the baby’s face.
Ye Xi sighed, “Yes, I also think this kid looks like Xiao Fan when he was a kid.”
“However, Xiao Fan should know better than us whether it is his own son.”
“What he said before, didn’t seem to be a lie.”
“Furthermore, Mucheng is not here, nor are we outsiders. If it is really an illegitimate child he got outside, he doesn’t need to hide from me as a mother.”
Ye Ximei is now more than 40 years old. At this age, many people are already grandmothers.
Ye Ximei had also asked Qiu Mucheng on the sidelines before, asking her if she had any plans to have children.
The result is naturally disappointing.
Ye Fan and the others had been married for several years, but Qiu Mucheng’s stomach remained silent, and no one was more anxious than Ye Ximei.
But Qiu Mucheng had no plans to have children, and Ye Ximei was naturally not good at saying anything. At most, she was bored with her unhappiness.
However, the appearance of this child in front of him undoubtedly made Ye Ximei happy for a long time.
He thought that he really became a grandmother.
But after hearing Ye Fan’s words, the joy in Ye Xi’s eyebrows was undoubtedly gone again.
In the end, it was nothing but joy.
“Sister, don’t be too sad.”
“What if Xiao Fan remembered it wrong?”
“When he comes back, we will ask more questions.”
“Maybe, he created this little life just because of his chaos after drinking?”
“He doesn’t remember, it’s normal.”
Ye Xilan persuaded her from the side.
Elder Ye also nodded in agreement.
“Well, I can only ask again.”
“If it’s not Xiaofan’s child, let’s find a way to find his parents and send it to others.”
“Otherwise, I am afraid I will be in a hurry.”
Ye Ximei said in a low mood.

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